Reason RE Glacius X Hybrid Wave Synthesizer [WiN]

son Studios & DNA Labs
Product: Glacius X Hybrid Wave Synthesizer
Version: 2.0.0-DECiBEL
Format: Reason Rack Extension
Requirements: You need R2R Reason release and TEAM R2R Reason Rack Extension Cache Builder
  • Publisher: Reason Studios & DNA Labs
  • Product: Glacius X Hybrid Wave Synthesizer
  • Version: 2.0.0 PROPER-R2R
  • Format: Reason Rack Extension
  • Requirements: You need R2R Reason release and TEAM R2R Reason Rack Extension Cache Builder

The Glacius X Version 2 has arrived… Equipped with a gigantic 6gb sound bank of hit-making ammunition! Glacius includes tons of new trunk shaking 808 subs, kicks, snares, claps, closed hihats, open hihats, cymbals, glitched drum sets, never before heard super saws, ghostly singing synths, trap style flutes, metallic bells, elaborate string sections, eerie pianos, giant cinematic brass, heavenly choir synths, huge cinematic hits, reverse glitched poly synths, rockstar guitars, hybrid textured pads, and modern futuristic gated synths. With both industry ready orchestral instruments and totally new synthesized instruments, the Glacius Synthesizer RE combines the power of an eye pleasing and user definable GUI/UX (9 factory Skins & bonus hidden skins) with a unique futuristic quad X layer osc/sampling engine & totally new multi-effects processing engine. Glacius Synthesizer is a modern rack extension for producers of all genres ranging from trap, hip hop, dub step, house, & all electronic dance music to dramatic & realistic orchestral scoring! New HUGE Kontent Xpansion refills are also available!

  • 6gb 1316 Factory Presets (366 Added In Version 2)
  • Reverse Glitch | Bitpass Filter | Pulse Trip
  • New User Samples Added | GUI & Skins Updated

6gb Factory ROM Content with approximately 2560 waveform samples​ & 1316 preset factory patches included.

Quad X Layers
There are 3 X ROM layers that can access the 6gb of content included and 1 XS layer that allows user imported samples and live sampling. There are 16 sample slots and every slot has key mapping and key offset parameters. Each X layer has volume, pan, semi, tune, dedicated lp filter, and dedicated formant shift editing parameters.(XS layer does not have formant shift). Each layer is routable to pulse trip, hardcore analog, vortex saw hybrid, reverse glitch, and focus via parallel channels.

Pulse Trip Gating Effect
A new easy to use stereo gating effect that allows fat, wide, and pulsing
filter gating as well as tempo sync, speed, and stereo fatness editing.

Hardcore Analog Processor
A fat analog saturation/distortion effect with juicy tube
harmonics, as well as pleasing analog solid state, and
screaming digital settings. Tip: They sound great on guitars and subs

Vortex Saw Filter OSC Filter Hybrid
Similar to a sub oscillator, this analog V. Saw oscillator is at your disposal with a beautiful detuning knob for an instant fat super saw club style lead, you can add V. Resonance for beautifully crisp highs. Phase lift adds automated elevation phasing. The brand new Bit Pass Filter is a destructive & degrading filter which combines an analog style low pass filter with a Bit Demolishing Effect. There are 4
stages of Bit Depth destruction. The synergy of of all these parameters
allow unique gritty yet pleasing filtering effects.

Reverse Glitch
With Rev. Glitch, you can add a futuristic and modern feel to your sound design.
Repeat, reverse, pitch, and gating controlled with a unique numerical glitch engage system. Plenty of controls and parameters to make unique stutters and reverse effects!

Source LFOs/ENVs
These are your modulation sources used to automate destinations
inside of the modulation matrix page.
LFO 1 and 2 are retrigger, LFO 3 is continuous. All
variable rate with delay, tempo sync and mod wheel
linking. 2 loopable Envelopes with velocity control
and AHDSR controls.

This is a hard wired LFO linked to pitch modulation for instant ghostly
pitch movement or tape drift pitch flutter effects.

A dry Quad Layer X signal that bypasses all effects (except
Global Delay/Reverb). Turning this on and raising the volume will
increase initial dry synth focus when the effects start to take the majority of your sonic real estate! You can dial in the dry signal with this parallel channel.

Auto Glide
This parameter engages portamento (also known as pitch slide or glide). Auto only engages portamento when the previous key is held down while pressing additional keys.

Global Effects
-Analog Compressor
The analog compressor allows detailed compression control parameters
to shape your output. There are the basic controls as well as analog
style professional editing for controlling how the compressor reacts to
input(detector settings). There is a parallel compression available.
-Global Reverb
Choose from 4 creamy impulse lexicon style reverbs. (A,B,C,D)
There are 4 reverb parameters, plus 1 global haas width(stereo spatial
width) to tweak.
-Global Dual Delay
Enable the dual delay button for a mono delay, enable the L/R buttons
singularly for Left offset enable, or Right offset enable. Enable both L
and R for a stereo ping pong delay with offset. There are 4 parameters
with tempo sync on/off available.
-Master Filter
There is low pass, high pass, bandpass, and band reject modes w/ resonance and cutoff parameters.
-Master Filter Mod
An hard wired filter envelope connected to the master filter frequency
cutoff. It is enabled/bypassed with the filter mod button. There are 5
parameters plus invert.

9 user definable Gui Skins to choose from:
Parallax White, Black Ice, Cyber Grey, Digital Glacier White, Golden Ratio, Apocalypse Grey, Matrix Green, Codeine Purple, & Nexius Void.

There will be a lot of new “Kontent Xpansion” ReFills coming soon for new sounds and massive expandability!

2.0.0 Update Details

-200mb User Accessible Sampled Content Added:
128 Instruments
4 Subs
2 Snares
-9 New Skins:
Nexus White
Parallax Black
Graphite Grey
Polar White
Pantheon Grey
Stratusphere Grey
Dark Aquatika
Morphine Black
Hallucination Blue
-Updated Vibrato/Drift Display
-Updated Pulse Trip Display
-Updated Multi Display Buttons
-366 New Glacius 2 Patches Added

A witch says,

You need R2R Reason release and TEAM R2R Reason Rack Extension Cache Builder v1.1.0 or higher.

This contains working R2RRECACHE and high resolution image.
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