Guitar Pro 8 v8.1.2 [WiN-MAC]

Publisher: Arobas Music
Product: Guitar Pro 8
Version: 8.0.0 Build 18-BTCR
  • Publisher: Guitar Pro
  • Product: Guitar Pro 8
  • Release: P2P — HCiSO
  • Version: 8.1.2 Build 32
  • Requirements: macOS 10.13+

Guitar Pro 8 is a game-changer for guitarists, offering a comprehensive toolbox for learning, composing, and editing tabs. Here’s a concise review of its key features:

  • Play Accompanied: Easily learn your favorite songs accompanied by the score, enhancing your practice sessions.
  • Create and Edit: Effortlessly edit scores with advanced editing tools like scale and chord diagrams, fostering creativity.
  • Craft Your Sound: Experiment with over 100 instruments to create custom tabs and professionally designed sheet music.
  • Tablature and Sheet Music Player: Learn faster with advanced playback features like metronome, visual countdown, and looping.
  • Tablatures Editor: Compose complete songs, transcribe, and create educational content with practical editing features.
  • Audio Engine and Sound Options: Create realistic backing tracks with virtual effects chain and mixing options for each track.
  • Layout Options: Customize your sheet music with design mode and stylesheet options for a professional look.
  • Collaborate and Share: Easily share your work with other musicians, teachers, and collaborators.

What’s New in Guitar Pro 8:

  • Audio File Integration: Play along with audio files, synchronize easily, and share teaching instructions effortlessly.
  • Focus/Unfocus Track: Quickly adjust volume contrast between tracks for better focus.
  • Visual Metronome: Enhance rhythm practice with the new visual metronome and countdown feature.
  • Improved Tempo Control: Fix tempo changes for easier learning and change relative speed during playback.
  • Enhanced Sound Customization: Create the perfect guitar sound with a new pedalboard and precise note customization.
  • Nested Tuplets: Create complex rhythmic patterns with nested tuplets.
  • Piano Fingering: Edit piano fingering and indicate sustain pedal for piano scores.
  • Increased Productivity: Boost productivity with dozens of new commands and shortcuts.
  • Improved Interface: Enjoy better reading comfort with adjusted contrast and colors.

Guitar Pro 8 offers a wealth of features and improvements, making it a must-have tool for guitarists of all levels.

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