Raising Jake Studios Limited-S [WiN-OSX]

Publisher: Raising Jake Studios
Product: Limited S
Version: 1.2.2 Incl Keygen-R2R
  • Publisher: Raising Jake Studios
  • Product: Limited S
  • Version: 1.2.2 Incl Keygen-R2R

Limited-S VST crack is a high quality De-Esser, Enhancer and harshness controller designed for use in both mixing and mastering applications.

Limited-S VST crack uses a different approach than typical De-Essers, Dynamic EQs, etc., in that it does not use a tradition compressor-type Attack/Decay level detector. Instead, Limited-S VST crack uses a very fast, Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter that exactly calculates the envelope of the signal at all times. There is no need to fuss with attack and decay settings to get acceptable results. When Threshold and Ratio are set properly, de-essing action will be completely transparent in most cases. All you will hear is less sibilance.

Cracked Limited-S is a “fixed threshold” type De-Esser that works on peak signal levels much like a limiter. It does not attempt to track the overall signal and attenuate what it “thinks” is excessive sibilance. De-Essers of that type tend to overcompress leading sibilance (producing lisping) while under-controlling trailing sibilance. Limited-S VST crack, instead, only catches the loudest and most offensive sibilance peaks. (The threshold can be automated if desired).

When used on stereo tracks, cracked Limited-S plugin can operate on the full mix, just the Mids, just the Sides or just Left or Right. This allows applications in both mixing and mastering such as de-essing of vocals in a master (typically centered) while leaving the sides untouched.

Cracked Limited-S’s High Lift control allows adding brightness to a mix while simultaneously controlling excessive high frequencies. Great on vocals or for brightening a master.

Limited-S VST crack also includes a Sidechain input that allows one signal source to “duck” the highs in another signal source. This can be used, for example, to keep a vocal clear during cymbal crashes, etc.

Limited-S VST crack automatically switches to mono or stereo mode to minimize CPU load per track usage.

Limited-S VST crack now supports resizable GUI with automatic scaling for high resolution video monitors and a Linear Phase crossover option for critical mastering work.

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