Safari Pedals Owl Control [WiN-MAC]

Safari Pedals Owl Control v1.1.40 Regged TCD
  • Publisher: Safari Pedals
  • Supplier: TCD
  • Product: Owl Control
  • Version: 1.1.40 Regged

Introducing the Owl Control – your ticket to four compressors in one animal plugin. This compressor is not your average bird of prey. Just like the rest of the studio animals, it’s got some tricks up its feathers. .

The Owl Control has four unique modes – “Smooth,” “Pump,” “LoFi,” and “MixBus.” But here’s where it gets as wild as a owl on espresso – The “Speed” and “Ratio” knobs change with each mode, delivering a unique range tailored to every different compression mode.

Whether you’re aiming for a smooth touch, a pumping vibe, a lo-fi charm, or a mix bus subtitle compression – The Owl Control has it all.

Created after months of fine-tuning and inspired by some of Noam’s favorite analog compressors, the Owl Control is designed to be versatile and easy to setup.

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