Solid State Logic LMC+ Module v1.0.0.11 [WiN]

Publisher: Solid State Logic
Product: LMC+ Module
  • Publisher: Solid State Logic
  • Product: LMC+ Module
  • Version:

SSL LMC+ Module crack brings a new and significantly enhanced version of the classic SSL Listen Mic Compressor to 500 format racks. This famous processor from the legendary SL4000E console was the secret weapon in many producers sonic arsenal of recording techniques. Originally designed to prevent overloading the return feed from a studio communications mic, its fixed attack and release curves were eminently suitable for use on ambient drums mics when parallel processing.

This all-new version of the SSL LMC VST crack includes a pair of classic SSL High Pass and Low Pass filters to allow targeting of a specific frequency range, a filters to compressor side chain option and a wet/dry blend control.

Two additional superb new tools are added to give the SSL LMC+ VST crack a distinctive sonic twist; a ‘Scoop’ button that phase inverts the wet signal, as well as a unique ‘Split’ button that engages a bandpass subtraction mode. Used together and separately and in conjunction with the filters and sidechain, the new controls give SSL LMC+ VST crack a distinctive tonal edge with a range of creative possibilities.

SSL LMC+ VST crack Key features

  • Engineers secret weapon
  • Variable HP and LP filters
  • Filter can be switched between wet signal path and Side Chain path.
  • ‘Scoop’ switch to invert polarity
  • Use scoop, in conjunction with filers and wet/dry control for unique effects
  • ‘Split’ switch for band selective compression

Thanks R2R for the anti MetaFortress trick!

No iLok driver installation needed.
It launches faster and more RAM friendly than original.

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