sonible smart:comp 2 [WiN-OSX]

Publisher: sonible
Product: smart:comp 2
Version: 1.0.0-R2R
  • Publisher: sonible
  • Product: smart:comp 2
  • Version: 1.0.0-R2R

smart:comp 2 automatically delivers transparent, precise results; providing you with the creative tools that will transform your sound from nice to extraordinary.

sonible’s latest addition to its line-up of intelligent plug-ins, smart:comp 2, combines a multi-dimensional compression approach with a wide range of sound-shaping options in an exceptionally versatile go-to compressor. smart:comp 2 is made for producers who are going for a clean sound as well as adventurous sound designers – and everyone in between.

smart:comp 2 is a unique AI-powered compressor plug-in that uses intelligent processing and automatic parametrization to deliver precise and transparent results without compromising the integrity of your input signal. With its wide range of new profiles, smart:comp 2’s trailblazing algorithms find well-balanced dynamics for single tracks, busses and even entire mixes. To add the right vibe to any signal, you can shape the compression character anywhere from a clean, transparent style to a dirty, punchy sound with a simple dial.

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