Sound Particles Energy Panner [WiN-MAC]

Free Energy Panner VST plugin for U2B MAC
  • Publisher: Sound Particles
  • Supplier: MORiA
  • Product: Energy Panner
  • Version: 1.1.5 U2B
  • Format: VST/AAX/AU
  • Requirements: CPU 4-core or higher 8GB RAM

The Energy Panner VST revolutionizes sound movement by harnessing sound intensity to dictate its dynamics. Whether navigating from traditional stereo to immersive experiences, this plugin empowers artists to effortlessly infuse dynamic depth into their panning techniques, eliminating the need for additional routing. By allowing sound intensity to govern the panning process, Energy Panner introduces responsive movement that synchronizes seamlessly with the audio. Picture drums pulsating in rhythm or synth notes dynamically shifting with each attack. Versatile across music and audio post-production, spanning stereo to Dolby Atmos, Energy Panner is an essential tool for your creative arsenal.

In Pan mode, Energy Panner crack operates as a conventional end-to-end particle-based panning system. This mode alters the sound source’s position between two user-defined points (start point → end point). Consequently, the magnitude of the input signal’s energy dictates the extent of the shift from the starting point to the end point. As the energy of the signal increases, so does the distance traversed by the sound source, providing dynamic and responsive panning effects based on the input signal’s intensity.

In Sliding Mode, the sound source follows a designated trajectory whenever the audio signal surpasses a specified threshold value. Unlike Pan mode, the sound source doesn’t revert to the starting point immediately when the signal level decreases. Instead, the sound source remains frozen in its position until the audio signal once again surpasses the threshold value. This prompts a new shift of the sound source within the dome space, offering a distinctive and continuous panning effect that responds to changes in the audio signal’s intensity.

The Free Energy Panner Plugin is a sophisticated and unique tool with distinctive features, showcasing its ability to produce creative and pleasing panning effects with remarkable versatility. Its seamless integration with multichannel immersive and surround sound formats truly stands out, making it shine in those environments. However, it also performs exceptionally well in stereo setups, proving its adaptability across different audio configurations.

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