STL Tonality Andy James (Win)

STL Tonality Andy James (Win)
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STL Tonality is an across the board Guitar Plug-In Suite grew only from Andy James’ Signature Guitar sounds.

Utilizing the most progressive displaying calculations, clients can encounter ongoing recreations of Andy James’ real go-to amps. Our product utilizes interior circuit recreations from the schematic’s of the particular intensifier’s Andy utilizes each day.

Planned by STL Tones, the Andy James Plug-In Suite has been created to catch each tune part of what makes Andy James’ guitar tones so looked for after. The module suite takes your immediate information guitar signal right to a completely blended guitar tone with its one of a kind across the board plan.

Experience an all-get to go to Andy James’ blend prepared guitar tones.

Andy James, one of the most actually capable metal guitarists on the planet today, has united with STL Tones to make his very own Signature Guitar Plug-In suite.

STL Tonality Andy James AMP features

STL Tonality is an across the board Guitar Plug-In Suite grew solely from none other than Andy James’ Signature Guitar sounds. Andy handpicked his 3 most loved speakers that incapsulate his fantasy arrangement, our group at that point went to deal with creating programming forms of these amps, utilizing the most progressive displaying innovation, inferring frameworks of non-straight differential inquiries straightforwardly from the intensifiers physical schematics.

STL Tonality Andy James AMP 1

One of the main Amps that Andy uses in his day to day rigs is modelled from a modern version of one of the worlds most well-known amps.

STL Tonality Andy James AMP 2

Modelled from arguably one of the most well-known Amps in the metal industry. This Amps sole focus in the circuitry is based on the characteristics of the lead channel. 

STL Tonality Andy James AMP 3

A legendary British Amp from the 1960’s that covers many styles, from crystal clean to amazing mid-gain crunch tones. We also included the Tremelo functionality in this model.


Included in the Andy James – Tonality Suite is a virtual model of our first-ever hardware release: The Signature Andy James Revenant Pre Amp Pedal. Click the button below to learn more about how you can get your hands on The Revenant. 


Users have access to 2 of Andy James’s go-to Overdrive pedals, including a digital recreation of his Signature Preamp pedal The Revenant. 


A virtual model of a very well known Overdrive Pedal is included to provide expandability when it comes to different styles of playing. 


Introducing the first-ever STL Tones hardware release. We bring you the Signature Andy James – Revenant Preamp Pedal, in collaboration with Ignite. 


Expansive routing capabilities of being able to use the Revenant pedal in front of your Amp, or in the Power Amp section as traditionally used.


Andy worked closely with the STL Tones team to incorporate a combination of his favorite Delay, Reverb and Lo-Fi effects, to give the user an all-access pass to his essential effect units. 

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