STL Tonality Will Putney (Win)

STL Tonality Will Putney (Win)
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STL Tonality Will Putney is an across the board Guitar Plug-in Suite grew only from none other than Will Putney’s Signature Guitar sounds. We’ve spent the most recent year building up this module close by Putney to reproduce the force and nature of Will’s creation work, and we are generally amazingly glad for the outcome.

Lets check out the incredible Will Putney signature guitar amp sim plugin from STL Tones!

STL Tonality Will Putney

Will Putney is an American producer, mixer, and engineer based in Belleville, New Jersey. He is responsible for releases from bands like Every Time I Die, The Amity Affliction, The Acacia Strain, Body Count, Thy Art Is Murder, Northlane, Gojira, Silent Planet, After The Burial, Terror, Unearth, Knocked Loose, Norma Jean, Fit For An Autopsy, Vein, Harms Way, Stray From The Path, and Counterparts.

Will’s whole arrangement is right now, including the demonstrating of his amps, pedals, taxis, adding blender, and ace eq module. Beside the stock Presets, we have included almost 100 of Wills guitar and bass collection tones, which were reproduced carefully with one of a kind amp/taxi settings.

STL Tonality Will Putney AMP Modules

AMP1 – is developed from arguably one of the most well-known amps in the metal industry. Focused on the characteristics of the lead channel. 

AMP2 – is developed from a German voiced high gain amp with an aggressive punch. This amp is responsible for some of the smoothest, crunchiest tones in the higher gain realm. 

AMP3 – is developed from a well-known American amp. This rock ’n’ roll-voiced amp has 2 channels. Ch1 for American sounding clean-semi distorted tones, Ch2 for thick high gain. Both channels offer ‘Normal’ & ‘Tight’ modes. 

AMP4 – is developed from another German beast. The tight precision distortion that this amp produces is unparalleled. The 2 channels in this module cover a wide variety of your gain needs.

AMP5 – is developed from the schematics of a revered vintage American bass amp from 1969. This amp remains an unmistakable part of the bass tones for many generations of musicians. The module has 2 modes, ‘Bright’ & ‘Normal’.

Planned by STL Tones and Putney, the STL Tonality Will Putney Plug-in has been created to catch each sonic part of what make’s his guitar tones so unmistakable.


Users have access to 3 of Will Putney’s personal OverdriveDelay and Reverb pedals. The distortion pedal is a big part of Will’s sound and has never been developed in plug-in format, until now!


5 cabinets captured at Putney’s Graphic Nature Audio recording studio, located in Belleville, New Jersey. The cab room also includes external impulse response loading capabilities.


For the first time in the Tonality series, we are including Putney’s Master EQ Module at the last stage in the signal chain. This unit was modelled from Putney’s hardware unit.


Now you can mix dual amps & dual cabs at the same time. Putney uses this technique frequently to achieve his signature sounds. Users have access to his mix presets of dual amp/cab combinations.

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