SWAM Engine SWAM Viola (Win)

SWAM Viola
  • SWAM Engine
  • SWAM Viola
  • v1.1.2
  • VSTi, AAX
  • Win32/64

SWAM Engine SWAM Viola (Win) is the most realistic, real-time controllable, expressive virtual viola on the market. Developed by Audio Modeling using SWAM technology, it guarantees the same natural reactions as a real instrument.

SWAM Viola is instrument modeled with algorithms, recreating the behaviour of the real acoustic instrument. There are no pre recorded samples that’s why there are endless expressive sound combinations  you can get. 

For example, assign the bow pressure to a knob of any MIDI controller, and create your own music.

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  • Post last modified:June 30, 2020

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