SWAM Engine SWAM Violin (Win)

SWAM Engine SWAM Violin Win
  • SWAM Engine
  • SWAM Violin
  • v1.2.0
  • VSTi, AAX
  • Win32/64

SWAM Engine SWAM Violin (Win): The most realistic, real-time controllable, expressive virtual violin on the market. Our SWAM-S technology guarantees the same natural reactions as a real instrument. With SWAM instruments you can compose and arrange your orchestra pieces or concertos.

SWAM Engine SWAM Violin (Win) is an instrument based on physical modeling. So it is possible to control the main mechanical variables in real time. For example, the velocity controls the attack of the sound and the portamento time, as well when playing legato. The Mod. Wheel can control the vibrato and any foot pedal can be assigned to the expression. There is indeed no limit to the number of possible combinations.

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  1. Joel Anthony Fernandes

    Please share the swam vst for violin or trumpet for mac .. please please please

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