Synchro Arts ReVoice Pro 5 [WiN]

Synchro Arts ReVoice Pro 5 R2R
  • Publisher: Synchro Arts
  • Supplier: R2R
  • Product: ReVoice Pro 5
  • Version:

Get professional-grade vocal alignment, precise pitch correction, and the ability to create natural-sounding vocal doubles in seconds. Produce vocals 100 times faster with Revoice Pro 5, the best vocal editing software to professionally align, tune, and double vocals.


Revoice Pro 5 is jam-packed with the latest pitch editing technology with advanced pitch correction tools – including the Shaper Tool and Control Points – enabling you to have precise, professionally-tuned vocals fast.

Completely new to Revoice is time-saving feature SmartPitch which intelligently understands when to match your doubles and harmonies, and when to maintain them. A game-changing feature if you work with lots of doubles and harmonies!

We’ve also made significant improvements to the way Revoice connects to your DAW. We’ve updated the non-ARA link plugin so you can audition how your processed audio will sound in context with any FX, panning and level applied and automatic transfer of processed audio that gets ‘committed’ to your project without the need for import / export. For VST users (Ableton Live, Studio One, Cubase, etc.), we’ve made the UI more intuitive with the ability to initiate processing in Revoice Pro from the Link plugin whilst sending audio across to Revoice Pro, saving time in the editing process.

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  • Post last modified:December 14, 2023

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