Woodlands Studio Voxillion [WiN-MAC]

Voxillion is a vocal processing channel strip VST plugin
  • Publisher: Woodlands Studio
  • Product: Voxillion
  • Release: MOCHA
  • Version: 1.2.1
  • Format: VST3/AAX/AU

For vocal producers and engineers seeking exquisite tube warmth combined with precision vocal sculpting, Woodlands Studio’s Voxillion represents a new level of specialization. This comprehensive channel strip was designed from the ground up to provide an all-in-one solution for naturalistic vocal processing and mix polishing.

Stunning Tube Circuitry Modeling

At its core, Voxillion features meticulous modeling of premium tube-driven mic preamps and signal paths. The Class A tube pre provides rich, organic tones perfect for injecting lush character into vocal tracks right from the input stage. The advanced tube modeling even accounts for the natural harmonics and gentle compression imparted by real tube circuits.

Precision Vocal Sculpting Tools

But Voxillion is far more than just a fancy preamp. It packs an array of specialty processors tailored specifically for working with the human voice. The WS LowEnd passive EQ provides focused low-frequency sculpting with an ultra-wide frequency range. The innovative Nasal Dynamic EQ excels at taming nasal resonances and inconsistencies.

With two distinct compressor designs onboard, you have total dynamics control. Compressor 1’s versatile ELOP compressor offers 25 attack/release variations for precise transient response shaping. Compressor 2 combines dynamics leveling with powerful de-essing via its HF Pre Emphasis parameter.

Streamlined Workflow, Organic Results

One of Voxillion’s biggest strengths is its unified, streamlined workflow for achieving stunningly polished yet naturalistic vocal processing. By condensing multiple premium modules into a single plugin, it saves valuable time normally spent fiddling between disparates.

Yet despite being an all-in-one solution, Voxillion doesn’t sacrifice depth or character. Its modules were carefully modeled after elite studio hardware to deliver impeccable high-fidelity sound with all the coveted warmth of real tubes.

The Definitive Vocal Processing Suite

Whether tracking vocals, editing V/O, or putting final polish on a mix, Voxillion provides a specialized suite of tube-driven character and surgical vocal tools unmatched by conventional channel strips. For engineers, producers, and artists seeking the ultimate level of focus and quality for vocal production, this sophisticated plugin belongs in your arsenal.

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