Yum Audio Everything Bundle [WiN-OSX]

Yum Audio Everything Bundle
  • Publisher: Yum Audio
  • Product: Yum Audio Everything Bundle
  • Version: 1.2.1 [U2B]-TRAZOR
  • Note for Windows: For Studio One 5 (I don’t know if other DAWs experience the same thing.) users, you must set high DPI settings by [ Right click “Studio One.exe” -> Click “Properties” -> “Compatibility” tab -> Click “Change high DPI settings” -> Tick “Change high DPI scaling behavior.” -> Select “Scaling performed by: System (Enhanced)” ] or whatever way you want to solve the problem with high DPI setting in Studio One 5. Because, if you don’t set high DPI, the plug-in is like unusable.

Introducing Yum Audio, a German studio with interdisciplinary working developers and designers. Their mission is to create indispensable tools that stand out from the crowd through quality of sound, performance and innovative design. 

LoFi – Flux Light

Analog modeled Tape Warble

as pristine or characterful as you like.

LoFi – Flux Machine

Flutter, Warble and infinite Tone

Add appeal, life and character to anything.

LoFi – Pitch Dropout

Add character with subtle to strong pitch errors

A virtual Tape getting stuck randomly and catching up again.

LoFi – Playtime

Time twister full of character

Play with the time of your audio in new ways.

LoFi – Tapestop

Analog modeled start-ups and slow-downs

The famous production technique at your fingertips.


MAXIMUM control of your stereo image

Natural Width and Panning of 4 bands, Optimised for fast and best musical results.

Spread Light

Your new favorite stereo utility

Width processing redefined, Pan processing reimagined, Stereo field essentials.

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