Groove3 Output Portal Explained

Groove3 Output Portal Explained

Groove3 Output Portal Explained! Eli Krantzberg delivers a series of Output Portal tutorials! Discover what this fantastic granular effect plug-in can do for your tracks and productions. These Output Portal tutorial videos are designed for the new Portal user who wants to understand all of the fundamentals and obtain up and using it fast.

Eli welcomes you then starts out by covering the most Page, and its simple macro controls wont to dial in complex granular synthesis parameters. The Grain Controls are shown next, and you will explore all the parameters wont to slice the audio up then process the resulting grains.

Macros & XY Controls are then revealed, showing you ways to exactly modulate parameters with the XY Controls, followed by the lowdown on Portal’s Modulation Envelopes, which are freely assignable multi stage envelopes wont to modulate the granular synthesis parameters for wild effects.

Finally, Eli explains the FX & Master Section in-detail, including the way to work with the 2 effects slots, and therefore the Master section with its powerful filters and compressor.

To see what each Output Portal tutorial teaches you and the way it can assist you learn the features found in Output Portal, see the individual Output Portal tutorial descriptions on this page. Start using Portal fast, and obtain the foremost out of it with these detailed Output Portal videos… Watch “Output Portal Explained®” today.

Eli Krantzberg always does a great job with all of his tutorials, including this one. I think Portal is unusually challenging because it’s so different from the effects we normally use. It seems like Portal can produce really unique and musical effects but getting there takes more effort than say, a regular delay or distortion effect. One comment on Groove3 videos in general. The “Explained” videos are a great starting point but ideally they’ll be paired with a follow-up series. How about starting an “Applied” series to go along with your “Explained” videos? So “Explained” introduces the basic idea of each product, then “Applied” shows you how the product might be used in various situations? You basically already do this with some products but I’d like to see a lot more follow-up video series paired with “Explained” videos.

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Whos is Groove3 Output Portal Explained Author Eli Krantzberg?

When did you begin dabbling in music?

I started playing drums in highschool at age fourteen. Like most youngsters my age around then, i used to be into art rock . Genesis, Emerson Lake and Palmer, and Yes. They rocked my world. a couple of short years later though, my musical life changed. While studying music in college I discovered Parker , Milt Jackson, Sonny Stitt, and John Coltrane. Milt Jackson spoke to me in such a profound way that it left me no choice but to require up vibraphone.

These great players, along side drummers like Philly Joe Jones, Max Roach, Art Blakey, and Elvin Jones changed not only the way i assumed about drumming, but also music – and by extension, life – as an entire . i noticed life was meant to be an ingenious endeavor. the thought of improvising supported a loose set of guidelines and rules permeated into my psyche even once I wasn’t holding a pair of drumsticks or mallets. But if i’m getting to be perfectly truthful, I even have to carry Miller and Allen equally liable for shaping the way I view and knowledge the planet around me.

What training have you ever had?

I am currently an Apple certified Logic Pro. Young and cocky, and armed with only a partial University degree, I dropped out of faculty and began playing steady commercial hotel engagements and jazz gigs once I could. This went on for several years until i made a decision it had been time to finish my degree – which I ultimately did with a serious in politics and a minor in music.

It was at now that I formed my current band Nightshift. We are getting into to our twenty third year now – playing commercial one nighters like weddings, corporate events, etc. Don’t turn your nose up at it though – it’s allowed me an exquisite quality of life. It gave me the liberty to travel back to high school and complete a post graduate degree in Communications Studies – all the while supporting myself by playing weddings.

When did you get into recording?

It was during this graduate program – within the early nineties – that I found myself drawn to the fledgling emerging universe of hard disk recording and midi sequencing. supported nothing quite the advice of 1 of my band mates who had an old Atari, I jumped in head first and purchased a Mac LC ll, along side a version 1.1 of what was then Notator Logic. I had no idea what i used to be getting myself into. But, in hindsight, it had been a choice of epic importance in my life – shaping my future the maximum amount because the music of Milt Jackson and Parker did fifteen years prior.

I opened my very own commercial home studio in 1998 and commenced doing a spread of projects, performing on radio jingles, artist CD projects, and whatever came my way. a few of years later a colleague called me up – desperate. He was performing at a post production house and one among the editors had just quit. They were doing audio post for a weekly TV series and needed a professional Tools editor – and fast! then , once more , I jumped in head first into what would ultimately open up my world even more – the planet of professional Tools.

People you’ve got worked with/for?

Focusing on Logic, I built up alittle but loyal client base and my phone kept ringing for Logic tech support and instruction. Film composers and studio owners everywhere the town were calling me. Even the music stores were giving out my telephone number at this point! this type of stuff becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. The more of it you are doing , the more calls you get to stay doing it. a minimum of that is the way it should be!

As my Logic chops kept growing, i used to be hired by an old buddy of mine, Len Sasso, who was then an associate editor at Electronic Musician magazine, and commenced writing some columns for them. I had a blast doing them – and really learned to focus and express my thoughts during a concise and clear manner. This cause a collaboration with LA based composer Terry Michael Huud on the 2006 film called civic responsibility – which was certainly one among the highlights of my business life as a composer.

Why are you so good at training people?

I awaken a day excited else up, and make . Whether it’s instructional videos, creating music, working with a studio client, performing with my band, or teaching at the faculties – my days are crammed with what i really like doing. Enriched by the stimulation and artistic freedom this contemporary music making software brings to my life. I bring that excitement and keenness to every and each training product I create. My years of experience both using and teaching these programs has taught me the simplest thanks to make the user comfortable with these complex programs.

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