I have always tried to keep Plugin Crack free for everyone, refusing donations and offers to make this site private, because I believe that warez should never be for sale.

Since the very beginning in 2020, I alone spent at least 3 hours every single day managing this site. It is an awful amount of time that I could dedicate to actual work, but I believe in our cause and I know for a fact that Plugin Crack is helping many musicians around the world to express their souls through music and sometimes even achieve their dreams. That fact alone is the best reward for me.

However, running such a complex site is not an easy task, in addition, it’s quite an expensive one. I have many new ideas and I understand now that I could use some help bringing them to life, to make Plugin Crack better and ad-free.

If you have the possibility and wish to become a part of this process, I will gladly accept your donation.

Please copy our wallet address below and follow this link, where you can simply exchange from bank card, directly to our wallet:


Once you donate, please write me a message so I could know your name. This is very important to me.