Softube Amp Room v2.5.9 [WiN]

Publisher: Softube
Product: Amp Room
Version: 2.5.9 READ NFO-R2R
Formats: VST/VST3
Requirements: Windows 64-bit, versions 7, 8 or 10
  • Publisher: Softube
  • Product: Amp Room
  • Version: 2.5.9 READ NFO-R2R
  • Formats: VST/VST3
  • Requirements: Windows 64-bit, versions 7, 8 or 10

Imagine being in a luxury, professional studio full of vintage gear including legendary compressors and EQs, classic Marshall amps and cabinets, pedals, and mics and being offered anything you need to configure exactly how you want it to produce the very best guitar tones.

Amplify your guitar and bass to perfection

  • The pro audio guitar and bass platform: designed for the producer, sounds exactly like real amps in high-end studios miked up with professional gear
  • Load studio FX from Softube, Tube-Tech, and Trident, amps and cabs from Marshall, and more
  • Mix and match modules to create complex patches and shape the sound you want
  • Upgrade from Vintage Amp Room, Bass Amp Room, Metal Amp Room, Amp Room Bundle, and Volume Plug-in Collection.

Built on Softube’s legacy of modeling analog gear with unmatched accuracy, Amp Room is the modern platform designed with the discerning professionals in mind to be a continuously growing pro audio system of everything you need to create high-quality, authentic, and incredibly realistic guitar and bass sounds.

As the producer with all that gear at hand, you’re the master of puppets, mixing and matching all the gear you need to create mix-ready tones just like you do in a physical studio. You can also process other sound sources, such as drums, vocals, and synth tracks. All the gear you chose from your visit to that luxury studio is configured to your exact specifications and ready to use.

Softube Amp Room highlights

  • The pro audio guitar platform, with studio-quality, record-ready sound
  • Built on a legacy of careful component modeling
  • Continuously growing platform and ecosystem
  • Compatible with other Softube plug-ins, like Tape, Tube-Tech CL 1B, and Trident A-Range
  • Includes American Class A as two separate modules: compressor and equalizer
  • Fine-tuned to sound exactly like the originals
  • Useful for any style and genre
  • Highly customizable
  • Officially endorsed Marshall amps and cabs available
  • Amp Room Exclusive expansion packs
  • Patch in any kind of studio tool you need anywhere in the chain
  • Build patches that are difficult or impossible in a physical studio

The Pro Audio Guitar & Bass Platform: Designed by Experts, Built on Legacy

Softube has a long history of modeling professional gear. After nearly two decades working in collaboration with premium pro audio brands like Tube-Tech, Solid State Logic, Chandler Limited®, Weiss Engineering, Trident, and more, we have a solid track record recreating indisputable classics in software form that sound precisely like their hardware counterparts. Amp Room is built on this legacy, and we took the same meticulous approach we take whenever we model a legendary compressor or equalizer used by, say, The Beatles – everything needs to be exact, component by component. Nothing less.

An Infinitely Expandable Platform

Amp Room is a living platform and ecosystem, with more compatible expansions and plug-ins added all the time. The Marshall Cabinet Collection is an expansion pack made exclusively for Amp Room that is available to purchase right now, and there are more to come.

A selection of Softube studio FX, like American Class A (included as two separate modules), Tube-Tech CL 1B, Trident A-Range EQ, and Tape, are Amp Room Ready and can be loaded as modules right now. Eventually, more and more Softube plug-ins that can be used to create guitar and bass sounds will be available to use in Amp Room.

All Softube amplifier plug-ins, such as Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959 and Eden WT800, can be loaded in Amp Room with heads and cabinets as separate modules, so if you already own these plug-ins, yes, you can use them with Amp Room. More new amps, pedals, cabs and plug-ins as modules will be added to the platform over time, making Amp Room an even more versatile and powerful pro audio tool.

Stunning Sound Quality

A modular guitar and bass platform designed with sound quality as top priority, Amp Room is for the connoisseur who can tell the difference between good sounds and great sounds. It’s just like having a real amplifier with a miked up speaker cabinet in a high-end studio–with the added convenience of more options to patch in any kind of studio tool a producer might need anywhere in the chain. Everything will come together, no hard day’s night required.

Realistic Amp Sounds through Careful Modeling

We’re not known as the Rock & Roll scientists by accident–Softube has been emulating guitar amps from the beginning. In fact, our very first project was sticking probes into a Marshall JCM800 guitar amplifier to develop a new method of making digital emulations of analog audio equipment. We felt sure that the existing digital models could be vastly improved, and we were right. Just like everything that Softube models, each Amp Room amp was meticulously component modeled, A/B tested against its physical counterpart, and fine-tuned to sound exactly like the original or even better in terms of clarity.

Endless Possibilities

Amp Room comes with 6 amplifiers, 16 cabinets, 10 effects pedals, 3 studio effects, 8 utility modules, and 260 presets covering a wide variety of styles and genres. Not only that, you can also load a selection of Softube plug-ins, like compressors and equalizers, as modules. Customizable, flexible, and as simple or complex as you need it to be. Add expansion packs and create your personal digital studio with everything you need to create high-quality, incredibly realistic guitar sounds, exactly the way you want them.

Authentic Marshall Gear

Amp Room includes legendary Marshall gear modeled as software in partnership with Marshall. Softube has a long history of collaborating with Marshall to produce the highest quality guitar amp models, and Amp Room comes with the only gear in software form that is officially licensed and endorsed by Marshall.

Are you eligible for an upgrade?

If you own Vintage Amp Room, Bass Amp Room, Metal Amp Room, Amp Room Bundle, or any version of Volume Plug-in Collection, you’re eligible for a very special upgrade discount when you purchase the new Amp Room platform.

When you upgrade, your legacy Amp Room plug-ins will continue to work as normal. You’ll get to keep your licenses, installations and presets, and will be able to recall existing projects that include those plug-ins just like you do today.

In addition to that, all the amplifiers and cabinets from the legacy Amp Room plug-ins have been remodeled to the highest standard in Amp Room.

Log in, and you’ll be able to see your price for Amp Room on the Amp Room page.

What’s included?

As a platform built for pro audio, Amp Room is the best sounding and most flexible and powerful guitar and bass tool available, suitable for any style and genre of music. It comes loaded with a wide variety of amplifiers, cabinets, pedals, studio effects, and utility tools. Let’s break that down.


One of the guitar amps is the Marshall JCM800, a classic from 1981 that embodies the essence of the Marshall sound. Other amps include a 1964 model that’s great for British Invasion tones, a 1966 version of a classic American combo amplifier that’s made for semi-dirty blues riffs, a German high-gain amp designed for metal, and a late 70s bass amp that’s perfect for classic rock. There’s also a custom DI direct input that adds direct injection functionality so you can blend the bass amp with an unprocessed bass track.


The cabs include several 1960 Marshall models for rock and metal guitar and bass. Whether you want a bright and focused sound with weight and punch, lots of vintage character, tightness with a percussive mid-punch, or as much bass as you could possibly need while maintaining clarity and definition in the high mids, Amp Room has you covered with a wide variety of options from which to quickly achieve a great sound.


The pedals are expertly designed by Softube as emulations of specific pedals or combinations of the best ones. There’s an overdrive pedal for rock and blues guitar, a reverb pedal for epic and almost infinite perturbations, an equalizer to give your sound a little more sparkle, a compressor for a funkier sound, a chorus pedal for 80s vibes, the Marshall Guv’nor pedal for heavy, distorted tones, a delay pedal to add rhythmic effects in musical arrangements, and more.

Mics & Options

All cabs have at least one mic that you can move around during any stage of the creative process. In some cab modules, you can move the mics anywhere, while in others, they have fixed positions with various combinations. For cabs with two microphones, there’s a mix slider that allows you to set the balance between the two and a continuous width fader that sets the overall stereo image. The cabs with Revisited in their names have been recorded with several mics so that you can select any single mic or combination that gives you the sound you want.

Studio FX

Amp Room is also compatible with a selection of Amp Room ready plug-ins that can be loaded as modules. One of them is the punchy American Class A channel strip included as two modules – a compressor and an equalizer. There are many other options available too, including Tape, Tube-Tech CL 1B, and more.

Utility modules

The utility modules included in Amp Room allow you to filter, adjust gain, mute, adjust the volume or pan, phase align between parallel signal paths, or frequency split signals in a path.

User Interface

Navigation bar

When you start up Amp Room on a new track, the Gear Tab will be open and any Softube plug-ins you own that are Amp Room-ready will show up here.

The Gate helps you control excessive noise. Try using this if you have an annoying noise or humming sound when you want things to be quiet.

Some pedals, effects and amplifiers impact the overall dynamics and transients of a sound. If you want to restore the original dynamics, DTC™ (Dynamic Transient Control) can magically bring those transients back to remove harshness and restore tightness and clarity.

Headphones Mode adds subtle room ambience in stereo when you’re working with headphones. If you choose Left or Right when using stereo in Amp Room, you can create stereo effects from your mono source.

Use the Split panel when creating more than one path in the signal chain to process two frequency ranges of an instrument differently and use the Mix panel to combine the two signal paths into one stereo output.

Adjust the amount of zoom you want with the Zoom control.

Softube & Marshall: A partnership based on sound quality

Softube’s first prototype was a hardware DSP box running a Marshall amp model and a loudspeaker model. This attracted Marshall’s interest and led to a successful long-term partnership between Softube and Marshall. Softube is Marshall’s exclusive software partner, and Amp Room comes with the only amps and cabs available in software form that are officially licensed and endorsed by Marshall.

Softube Amp Room features

  • 6 amplifiers, component modeled to perfection
  • 16 cabinets with multiple microphone options
  • 10 effect pedals, from distortion to delay and reverb
  • 3 studio effects, such as American Class A as modules
  • 8 utility modules, such as short delay for phase aligning
  • 260 presets in many different genres and styles

The best iLok protection abuse award. Amp Room contains 22 SSX modules, all of them are protected by WrapWarden and MetaFortress. Our release uses 300MB less memory than legit version, AT LEAST. If user has another AmpRoomModule it wastes more, of course. Obviously over protected. Softube, if you really need to protect all single AmpRoomModule, you have to find another way to avoid this protection hell. We are not joking.

Enjoy watching this video and check how well the legit version works 🙂


No iLok Driver is required to run.

Our release loads extremely ultra super dooper lightning faster and uses
soooooooooooooooooooooooo much less memory + less cpu spikes than original.


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