Analogue Drums Smoker [KONTAKT]

Analogue Drums Smoker
  • Publisher: Analogue Drums
  • Product: Smoker
  • Requirements: Windows Vista/7/8, Mac OS X 10.2 or higher

Analogue Drums’ Smoker is a jazz kit with all the credentials ticked. Based around a toneful ’70s Rogers kit with a selection of classic snares and cymbals, Smoker has a warm vintage tone.

The mix of the kit can be taken from crisp and articulate to smooth and spacious with a few fader adjustments. Played with hand selected maple 7a sticks to bring out deep and subtle tones.

Three snares, two separate pairs of toms (high and medium tension), two kick drums both sampled open and dampened, two pairs of hihats, and three rides give you a heap of options for selecting the tones that work best for your track.

How to resolve the GUI problem?

  1. Load the .nki file to Kontakt.
  2. Go to Edit mode.(by pressing the working tool icon)
  3. In Edit Mode, press the ‘Instrument Options’ button (up-left side)
  4. In the new window make sure you are in ‘Instrument’ tab (the top one)
  5. Press the browse button in the right side of ‘Instrument wallpaper’ and go to SMOKER Resource folder and choose ‘AD40_Background.png’.
  6. Press the Browse button in the right side of ‘Resource Contianer’ and choose ‘AD40 Smoker Resource.nkr’ (from the same SMOKER Resource folder )
  7. Press the ‘Close’ button, press the working tool icon to close edit mode, save (overwrite) the .nki file, close the patch in Kontakt, and load it again.
  8. Do the same to the multi file (.nkm) if needed.

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  1. Quix

    Sorry, Part 3,4,5 offline

    1. Admin

      Thanks for the feedback ❤ Just added a torrent option to download.

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