Ben Osterhouse Secco Strings [KONTAKT]

Ben Osterhouse's Secco Strings is a customisable collection of Viola, Violin, Cello and Bass recordings
  • Publisher: Ben Osterhouse
  • Product: Secco Strings
  • Version: 1.2
  • Requirements: Kontakt v6.2.1

Desolate Guitars by e-instruments is a versatile and highly customizable collection of string instruments, offering Viola, Violin, Cello, and Bass recordings. With its innovative features and dynamic play modes, this Kontakt instrument empowers users to create unique and expressive string performances for a wide range of musical styles.

One of the standout features of Desolate Guitars is its customizable short strings, which provide users with a wealth of articulations and play modes to explore. With three available articulations (Pizzicato, Peck, and Bounce) and three play modes (Single Notes, Rhythm, and Texture), users have the flexibility to craft intricate string performances with ease.

In Single Notes Mode, users can assign up to eight different steps, each with its own instrument and articulation. The position of each step on the XY pad allows for precise control over volume, panning, direction, formant, and octave, offering dynamic shaping of the sound. Additionally, the Rhythm Mode enables sequential playback of steps, with adjustable time division and jitter controls for added motion and realism. The Texture Mode introduces a unique cycling feature, allowing for the creation of swarms, textures, and chaotic ensembles.

For those seeking further customization, Desolate Guitars offers the ability to import up to four sets of user samples using Drag ‘n’ Drop (available for Kontakt 6 users). This feature allows users to incorporate their own sounds into the instrument, expanding its sonic possibilities.

The instrument’s intuitive interface includes global controls for attack, decay, low cut, and saturation, as well as dedicated XY pads for dynamic sound manipulation. The Tone Control pad crossfades between layers for pizzicato and arco articulations, while proximity and velocity sensors enable modulation of the tone in real-time.

Desolate Guitars also includes a selection of ready-made presets for each play mode, providing users with instant inspiration and a starting point for their creative journey. With its comprehensive feature set and user-friendly interface, Desolate Guitars offers endless possibilities for crafting unique and expressive string performances.

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