Cymatics OBLIVION – Launch Edition [WAV-MIDI]

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  • Publisher: Cymatics
  • Product: OBLIVION – Launch Edition
  • Release: FANTASTiC
  • Format: WAV/MIDI

Explore Cymatics OBLIVION – Launch Edition: A comprehensive trap production toolkit featuring dark melodies, hard-hitting drums, 808s, and FX for creating professional-grade trap bangers.

In the ever-evolving landscape of trap music production, Cymatics has released OBLIVION – Launch Edition, a comprehensive sample pack designed to equip producers with the tools necessary to create hard-hitting, dark trap tracks. This review will delve into the various components of the pack, assessing its quality, versatility, and potential impact on your production workflow.

OBLIVION – Launch Edition is a meticulously crafted collection of samples, loops, and MIDI files inspired by top-tier artists like Nardo Wick, Lil Baby, and Gunna. The pack aims to provide producers with a wide array of high-quality sounds and musical elements to facilitate the creation of professional-grade trap music.

Key Components

Melodies and Stems

  • High-energy, brooding melodies capturing the essence of dark trap
  • Full stems and MIDI files for enhanced creative control
  • Placement-ready loops for quick integration into projects

Drum Bounces (ARMAGEDDON)

  • Professional-level drum loops rigorously tested in real beat scenarios
  • Diverse array of hard-hitting drum bounces
  • Full stems included for each loop, allowing for maximum customization

Drum Samples

  • Carefully analyzed and crafted kicks, snares, claps, and hi-hats
  • Pre-processed for immediate impact and mix-readiness
  • Designed to cut through mixes with precision

808s and Bass Samples (RAGNAROK)

  • Variety of low-end styles, including distorted 808s, reese basses, and donks
  • Processed and tested across multiple sound systems for universal punch
  • Both long and short 808 samples included

Textural Percussion Loops (RUINS)

  • Diverse collection of percussion loops for adding depth and energy
  • Versatile enough to fit various bounce styles
  • Pre-processed for mix-ready application

Hi-Hat Loops (MELTDOWN)

  • Handwritten hi-hat loops and MIDI files tailored for trap production
  • Designed to integrate seamlessly with other pack elements
  • MIDI files included for maximum flexibility

FX Samples

  • Unique effects samples crafted specifically for hard-hitting trap
  • Designed to complement other sounds in the pack
  • Easy to integrate for adding flair and intensity to tracks

Sound Quality and Character

OBLIVION – Launch Edition excels in delivering authentic, high-impact sounds that align with contemporary dark trap aesthetics. The attention to detail in processing and sound design is evident across all components of the pack. Key sonic characteristics include:

  • Gritty, aggressive 808s and bass samples
  • Crisp, cutting drum sounds that slice through mixes
  • Moody, atmospheric melodies that set a dark tone
  • Textured percussion loops that add depth and complexity

The pre-processing of samples ensures that users can achieve professional-sounding results quickly, with minimal additional tweaking required.

Usability and Workflow Integration

Cymatics has clearly prioritized ease of use in the design of OBLIVION:

  • Drag-and-drop functionality for quick implementation
  • Well-organized file structure for efficient navigation
  • Inclusion of MIDI files for enhanced customization
  • Pre-processed samples reduce the need for extensive mixing

The pack’s structure allows for both rapid beat-making and more intricate sound design, catering to various production styles and skill levels.

Versatility and Applications

While primarily focused on dark trap, OBLIVION’s components demonstrate versatility:

  • Applicable to adjacent genres like drill, grime, and modern hip-hop
  • Textural elements useful in electronic and experimental productions
  • MIDI files allow for reinterpretation across different virtual instruments

The inclusion of full stems and MIDI files significantly expands the pack’s long-term value, allowing producers to dissect and learn from the provided loops.

Cymatics OBLIVION – Launch Edition stands out as a robust, high-quality toolkit for producers looking to create hard-hitting, contemporary trap music. Its comprehensive approach, covering everything from melodies to FX, provides both newcomers and experienced producers with valuable resources to enhance their productions.

The pack’s strength lies in its cohesive sound design, professional-grade processing, and the flexibility afforded by the inclusion of stems and MIDI files. While primarily geared towards dark trap aesthetics, the versatility of its components allows for application across various modern urban genres.

For producers seeking to quickly achieve the polished, aggressive sound characteristic of today’s trap music, OBLIVION offers an excellent starting point. Its pre-processed, mix-ready samples enable rapid idea generation and track completion. Simultaneously, the depth of customization options ensures that more experienced users can push the boundaries of the provided sounds.

While it may not cater to every niche within hip-hop production, OBLIVION – Launch Edition delivers on its promise of providing a comprehensive, high-quality toolkit for creating contemporary trap bangers. Whether you’re looking to emulate the dark, brooding styles of top-tier artists or develop your own unique take on the genre, this pack offers a solid foundation and ample creative possibilities.

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