Echo Sound Works Thump 808s for Serum [FXP-WAV-MP4]

Echo Sound Works' Thump 808s for Serum (Serum Presets, Wavetables and Tutorial)
  • Publisher: Echo Sound Works
  • Product: Thump 808s for Serum
  • Release: ARCADiA
  • Format: Serum Presets/Wavetables/Tutorial (FXP/WAV/MP4)

For bass music producers seeking that earth-shaking 808 thump, Echo Sound Works has delivered an utterly essential sound pack for Xfer Serum. Thump raises the bar with a collection of meticulously crafted 808 bass synths that blow away typical one-shot sample libraries.

100% Synthesized in Serum

What sets Thump apart is its pure synthesis approach – each utterly huge 808 preset is crafted from the ground up within Serum itself using custom wavetables and advanced techniques. You’ll get none of the limitations or problems that come with re-pitched one-shot samples.

With Thump’s 100 presets, you have full flexibility to sculpt the perfect kick, pitch contour, release tail, and punch tailored to your production. Easily tweak essential elements like pitch envelopes and kick amounts via convenient macro controls.

Custom 808 Wavetable Wizardry

At the core of these thunderous 808s lies 70 custom wavetables concept designed specifically for sub-rattling bass. The Echo Sound Works team went far beyond simple sine waves, employing complex wavetable generation methods and even scripting with Serum’s UHM.
For the first time ever in a Serum pack, Thump makes ingenious use of “overtone wavetables” to add harmonics and texture without excessive saturation or distortion. Simply blend in the overtones to your 808 for a richer, more complex low-end punch.

Hyper-Focused Workflow

To help you quickly find the right 808 for your project’s needs, Thump is conveniently categorized into “clean” and “dirty” folders. The clean presets are production-ready with just the right amount of character, while the dirty side offers more aggressive grit and saturation.

Whether you need that chunky, chest-rattling sub-bass for dubstep and EDM anthems or a clean, hard-hitting kick for hip-hop, Thump’s highly focused sound design makes it easy to get the perfect 808 tone.

For Serum Bassheads Only

Echo Sound Works’ Thump raises the bar for what an 808 bass pack for Serum can and should be. With its 100% synthesized presets, custom wavetables, creative overtone options, and laser-focused sound design, this is the premier pack for discerning bass music producers. If you’re serious about your 808s, get seriously heavy thumping bass with Thump.

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