Laboratory Audio STRIKEFORCE 2 [KONTAKT]

STRIKEFORCE 2 is a cinematic percussion Kontakt library
  • Publisher: Laboratory Audio
  • Product: STRIKEFORCE 2
  • Release: ViP Team
  • Version: 2.0.1
  • Requirements: Kontakt 7.7.0+

Laboratory Audio’s STRIKEFORCE is a comprehensive and meticulously crafted cinematic percussion library that aims to become the go-to tool for professional composers in the film and media industry. This flagship product delivers a modern, large ensemble film percussion sound with an impressive level of detail and flexibility.

Key Features

  • Vast Sample Collection: With 129 unique patches, including 115 featuring a innovative ensemble layout system, STRIKEFORCE offers an expansive palette of percussion sounds.
  • High-Quality Recording: Captured at the renowned Village Studios in Santa Monica at 24bit/192kHz (delivered at 24bit/48kHz), the library boasts pristine audio quality.
  • Intuitive Ensemble Scaling: The unique patch layout allows users to seamlessly transition from solo instruments to massive ensembles within a single patch.
  • Deep Sampling: Most instruments feature 6 velocity layers and up to 16 round robins, ensuring realistic and dynamic performances.
  • Curated Mixing Approach: Instead of overwhelming users with multiple mic positions, STRIKEFORCE offers two expertly crafted mixes – “close” and “far” – blendable via mod wheel.
  • Versatile Sound Palette: From big ensembles to solo instruments, snares, anvils, sub-booms, and metallic elements, STRIKEFORCE covers a wide range of cinematic percussion needs.

The sound quality of STRIKEFORCE is nothing short of exceptional. The recording quality, combined with the deep sampling and round robins, results in remarkably realistic and expressive performances. The curated mix approach ensures that the sounds sit well in a cinematic context right out of the box, saving time and resources during the production process.

STRIKEFORCE shines in its user-friendly approach. The innovative ensemble scaling feature allows for quick and intuitive transitions between different ensemble sizes, facilitating a fast and creative workflow. The mod wheel-controlled mix blending is a standout feature, offering easy access to different sonic perspectives without the need for complex routing or CPU-heavy multi-mic setups.

While primarily focused on cinematic percussion, STRIKEFORCE’s extensive collection of sounds makes it suitable for various genres beyond film scoring. The inclusion of solo instruments, metallic elements, and sub-booms extends its utility to trailer music, video game soundtracks, and even contemporary music production.

By opting for pre-mixed sounds instead of multiple mic positions, Laboratory Audio has prioritized efficiency and ease of use. This approach should result in lower CPU and memory usage compared to some competitors, making STRIKEFORCE a solid choice for composers working on resource-intensive projects.

The intuitive layout and focused feature set suggest a relatively gentle learning curve. However, to fully leverage the library’s capabilities, users may need to spend some time exploring the various ensemble configurations and mixing options.

Given the breadth and depth of the sample content, coupled with the high-quality recording and mixing, STRIKEFORCE represents excellent value for professional composers and producers working in cinematic genres.

Laboratory Audio’s STRIKEFORCE is an impressive and well-thought-out cinematic percussion library that successfully balances depth, quality, and usability. Its innovative approach to ensemble scaling and mix blending sets it apart in a crowded market, offering a fresh take on cinematic percussion sampling.

The library’s focus on practical, ready-to-use sounds, combined with its extensive sample content, makes it a powerful tool for composers working under tight deadlines without sacrificing sonic quality. While it may be overkill for those only occasionally needing cinematic percussion, for professionals in the film, TV, and game music industries, STRIKEFORCE has the potential to become an indispensable part of their virtual instrument arsenal.

Whether you’re crafting epic battle scenes, tense underscore, or larger-than-life trailer music, STRIKEFORCE provides the sonic ammunition to bring your percussive ideas to life with impact and nuance.

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