Ola Englund Impulse Response THE ONE [WAV]

THE ONE Impulse Response by Ola Englund
  • Publisher: Ola Englund
  • Product: Impulse Response THE ONE
  • Format: WAV 44100/48000hz 24bit

Keep in mind that an Impulse Response (IR) is essentially a fingerprint of a power amplifier, cabinet, and microphone configuration. When integrating it with a modeler, plugin, or similar tools, it’s crucial to complement it with a preamp/distortion to extract the full potential of the product.

This package encompasses three distinctive IR options:

  • Mixed SM57 & TLM102
  • SM57
  • TLM102

File formats are available in WAV, ensuring compatibility at 44100/48000Hz and 24-bit quality. These IRs have been successfully tested and confirmed to seamlessly integrate with popular platforms like Pod Helix, Quad Cortex, Axe Fx 3, FM3, and others.

Enhance your sonic landscape with these meticulously crafted Impulse Responses, and remember, pairing them with the right preamp/distortion is the key to unlocking their true potential. Elevate your audio experience and delve into a world of versatile tones and textures!

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