Sound Ideas Series 8000 Science Fiction Sound Effects Library [WAV]

Science fiction sound effects sample pack
  • Publisher: Sound Ideas
  • Product: Series 8000 Science Fiction Sound Effects Library (537 sound effects)
  • Format: WAV 16bit 44.1khz (proper + organised)

Dive into the auditory cosmos with Series 8000 – Sci Fi Sound Effects, a compilation sound effects library that stands as a testament to the prowess of Hollywood’s finest science fiction sound designers. Unleashing over 500 royalty-free sound effects, this collection is a sonic odyssey into the realms of space and futuristic fantasy, delivering everything from alarming signals, intergalactic vessels, and otherworldly creatures to the mechanics of hatches, air locks, robotics, rockets, telemetry, weapons, and the thunderous launches of the Challenger space shuttle.

Among the luminaries contributing to this award-winning collection are Randy Thom (known for Mars Attack! and Contact), David Yewdall (whose work graced Fifth Element and Starship Troopers), Mike McDonough (notable for Star Trek: First Contact), and Charles Maynes (renowned for Starship Troopers). Their talents converge to create an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of sound design.

Packaged in a specially crafted carrying case, paying homage to the classic retro sci-fi films that inspired the genre, this modern royalty-free sound effects collection takes center stage with four CDs digitally mastered in stereo. A tribute to both the heritage and future of sci-fi soundscapes, the Series 8000 Sci Fi Sound Effects Library is also available for download in 16/44.1, 16/48, or 24/48 WAV file formats. Elevate your projects with the cinematic sounds that have captivated audiences in iconic science fiction films, now at your fingertips.

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