Westwood Instruments Lost Guitar [KONTAKT]

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  • Publisher: Westwood Instruments
  • Product: Lost Guitar
  • Release: ViP Team
  • Requirements: Kontakt v6.6.1+

Hey there, fellow sound explorers! If you’re on the hunt for a guitar library that’s anything but ordinary, boy do I have a treat for you. Westwood Instruments has just dropped their latest gem in the Lost series, and let me tell you, Lost Guitar is an absolute game-changer. Trust me, you’re going to want to download this bad boy ASAP.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Another guitar library? Yawn.” But hold up, because this isn’t your run-of-the-mill six-string sampler. Lost Guitar takes the concept of an electric guitar and turns it on its head. We’re talking over 100 original sounds that’ll make you question everything you thought you knew about guitar tones. And get this – only a handful of them actually sound like a traditional guitar. Mind. Blown.

The mad scientists at Westwood started with a baritone electric guitar (a Reverend Descent, for all you gear nerds out there) and then went absolutely bonkers with their sound design. We’re talking cassettes, reel-to-reel tape, boutique pedals, hardware samplers – the works! The result? A sonic playground that’ll have you grinning like a kid in a candy store.

Let’s break down what you’re getting here. First up, you’ve got the NOTES section. These are sustained guitar sounds that range from “Oh yeah, that’s definitely a guitar” to “What in the name of Hendrix am I listening to?” It’s like they’ve taken the concept of a guitar and stretched it to its absolute limits.

Then there’s the MOVEMENTS category. Picture this: random, meandering single notes that weren’t recorded to any particular tempo. It’s like musical chaos theory, and it’s absolutely mesmerizing. Sometimes it’s delicate, sometimes it’s unpredictable, but it’s always interesting.

Now, if you’re into creating atmospheric soundscapes, the TEXTURES are going to blow your mind. These are infinitely looping landscapes that feel more like a synth than a guitar. Some are soft and blurry, perfect for adding that dreamy quality to your tracks. Others are dark and hostile, ideal for when you need to add some edge to your sound. And then there are the ones that are just plain weird – in the best possible way, of course.

But wait, there’s more! The RHYTHMS section is where things get really groovy. We’re talking organically rhythmic loops with all those delicious human variations in timing. And here’s the kicker – they’re beat-syncable to any tempo. Pro tip: the further you stray from 120 BPM, the more interesting things get. It’s like a whole new world of rhythmic possibilities opens up.

Now, let’s talk about the MEMORIES engine. This little beast creates an arpeggiated underscore that can transform any of the 112 sounds into either a distant haze or a more upfront accompaniment. It’s more sophisticated than your average arpeggiator and way more interesting than a simple delay. Trust me, you’re going to lose hours just playing with this feature alone.

And if all of this sounds a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. The folks at Westwood have got your back with over 300 snapshot presets to get you started. Whether you’re looking for a simple starting point or a complex, mind-bending combination, they’ve got you covered.

Look, I could go on and on about how amazing Lost Guitar is, but here’s the bottom line: if you’re into creating unique, evocative sounds that push the boundaries of what a guitar can do, you need this library in your life. It’s perfect for film scoring, songwriting, or just plain old sonic experimentation. So what are you waiting for? Go download Lost Guitar and prepare to have your mind expanded. Your music will thank you!

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