Westwood Instruments Lost Synth [KONTAKT]

Rare analog synthesizers sounds library
  • Publisher: Westwood Instruments
  • Product: Lost Synth
  • Release: Philos
  • Requirements: Kontakt v6.6.1+

In the ever-evolving landscape of virtual instruments, few offerings can match the sheer originality and sonic allure of Westwood Instruments’ Lost Synth. A meticulously crafted homage to the golden age of analog synthesis, this remarkable instrument breathes new life into a curated selection of revered and rare analog synthesizers, transporting you on a journey of tonal exploration like no other.

At the heart of Lost Synth lies a vast collection of sounds, painstakingly sampled from iconic classics like the Juno 60 and Polysix, as well as more obscure gems such as the Logan String Melody II and an Arp Odyssey. But what sets this instrument apart is the unique twist that Westwood Instruments has applied – each sound has been lovingly re-sampled through guitar pedals and tape, imbuing them with a rich, analog warmth and character that is simply captivating.

The true magic of Lost Synth, however, lies in its ability to combine and manipulate these layers, allowing you to create truly unique sonic tapestries that defy conventional boundaries. With an array of intuitive controls at your fingertips, you can sculpt and shape these vintage tones into utterly unfamiliar realms, where the familiar becomes delightfully alien, and the unexpected becomes your constant companion.

Complementing this sonic playground is the innovative MEMORIES engine, a sophisticated arpeggiator that transforms even the most innocuous sound into a rhythmical underscore of hypnotic complexity. Load any of the 80 included sounds and watch as they morph into distant hazes or upfront accompaniments, transcending the limitations of traditional delays and arpeggiators.

To further ignite your creative spark, Westwood Instruments has included over 200 expertly crafted snapshot presets, meticulously arranged to provide a diverse array of starting points, from simple foundations to intricate, mind-bending combinations that push the boundaries of sonic exploration.

But perhaps the most enticing aspect of Lost Synth is its “GET LOST” feature – a single switch that randomizes almost every aspect of the instrument, inviting you to take a dive into the unknown, where distant dreams and raging nightmares collide in a symphony of sonic serendipity.

In an era where innovation and sonic character are paramount, Westwood Instruments’ Lost Synth stands as a beacon of creative expression, beckoning producers, composers, and sound designers to embark on a vintage voyage into the uncharted realms of sound design. Embrace the unfamiliar, and let Lost Synth be your guide on a journey that will forever reshape your perception of what a virtual instrument can be.

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