Cupwise CassetteVerb [Nebula 4 Library]

Publisher: Cupwise
Product: CassetteVerb
Format: Nebula 4 Library
  • Publisher: Cupwise
  • Product: CassetteVerb
  • Format: Nebula 4 Library

Various sources of reverb/delay effects were fused with the tone qualities of the cassette format. These are custom made, and each one had cassette tape somewhere in the sampled signal path. 7 unique reverbs were sculpted from various sources and using various software and unusual old hardware like an old tube amp from a radio/record console. Feedback loops with the tape in the path were sometimes used to enhance the effect of the tape, and help bring all of the verb/delay elements together. The main idea here was to try to create ‘tapey’ sounding reverbs, if that makes any sense.

Each of these effects were sampled in stereo. These effects are dynamic, and do sound different at different signal levels. Originally I created 7 reverbs, but now (5 years later), I’ve created bonus alternate versions of each one. These new alternate versions are usually subtly different but they provide you some more variety.

Here’s a video, also made by Max, showing off his excellent skin (N3 version which allows pressing buttons to switch programs, unfortunately not possible with N4), and all of the reverbs:

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