Fuse Audio Labs Bundle (Win)

Fuse Audio Labs Bundle (Win)
  • Fuse Audio Labs
  • v2020.02
  • Win32/64

From the uncompromising emulation of classic and rare studio processors and amplifiers to the revolutionary new features of production plug-ins, the powerful VST Fuse plug-ins have no competitors. Transform your music creation program with a set of plug-ins from Fuse Audio Labs Bundle.

Fuse Audio Labs Bundle contains:

  • VCL-25A v1.0.0 Vintage Vari-MU Leveler is a virtual simulator of a rare leveller of the 50s.
  • VCL-373 v1.3.0 Vintage Comp / Limiter  – a virtual simulator of a rare compressor-limiter of the early 60s, which was present in many master studios.
  • F-59 v1.3.0 Classic Guitar Amp  – a recreation of the classics of the ’58 – ’60 era, which has set the course for decades of guitar amp technology. Offering a wide range of tones, the plugin tries to stay true to the original vibes, adding convenient features to the digital realm.
  • TCS-68 v1.3.0 Cassette Tape Channel  – a virtual simulator of an eight-track cassette port of the studio.
  • TCS-68 includes accurate emulation of the preamplifier, tape system and equalizer. The original analog unit consisted of a powerful 10-channel mixer, which included simple 3-band equalizers, microphone and line inputs, as well as inserts for each channel, an 8-track recorder with an advanced noise reduction system and a clearly adjusted measuring bridge.
  • Bucket-500 v1.3.0 Analog Delay  – This is an authentic BBD-based analog delay circuit emulation. The company has added some features to the digital display, including stereo feed, LFO and control flexibility. They also expanded the initial time range to 10 … 1000ms and included setting the host tempo synchronization.
  • VCL-4 v1.3.0 Vintage Opto Leveler – represents a thorough emulation of an optical compressor, produced in the 60s of the twentieth century. Each individual unit of the original device is emulated. The processor has a very musical program-specific compression characteristic, perfectly suitable for processing any sound material.

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