Modartt Pianoteq Pro 6 (Win)

Modartt Pianoteq Pro 6 (Win)
  • Modartt
  • Pianoteq Pro
  • v6.6.0
  • x64
  • Windows

Modartt Pianoteq Pro 6 is a definitive item for proficient arrangers and recording studios, and has end up being a vital instrument in many account ventures – from film soundtracks and television plugs to the most recent hit tunes.

By being genuinely demonstrated, Modartt Pianoteq Pro 6 presents to you an amazingly advanced device for sound molding and instrument creation, letting you make your own one of a kind sounds that will improve your ventures. The PRO form works with interior example rates up to 192 Khz. By utilizing its amazing Note Edit include, you can alter physical parameters for explicit ranges, and even note by note. You can likewise transform any Pianoteq instrument into a multi-instrument by utilizing propelled console parts for up to 105 notes (concerns instruments with broadened octave go).-

Note editor

The note editor is planned so you can work with it viably – it spares you time and builds your innovativeness. On this, its range profile editorial manager lets you alter every suggestion for each note, bringing you a great many sound mixes that will help you finding your own remarkable instrument.

Powerful note editing

Pianoteq PRO offers note-by-note adjustment for no less than 30 parameters:

  • Volume
  • Detune
  • Dynamics
  • Unison Width
  • Unison Balance
  • Direct Sound Duration
  • Hammer Hardness Piano
  • Hammer Hardness Mezzo
  • Hammer Hardness Forte
  • Spectrum Profile
  • Hammer Noise
  • Strike Point
  • Pickup Symmetry
  • Pickup Distance
  • Impedance
  • Cutoff
  • Q Factor
  • String Length
  • Sympathetic Resonance
  • Pinch Harmonic Point
  • Duplex Scale Resonance
  • Damper Position
  • Damping Duration
  • Mute
  • Damper Noise
  • Key Release Noise
  • Blooming Energy
  • Blooming Inertia
  • Aftertouch Sensitivity
  • Hammer Tine Noise

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