Nudist Audio Nudistort [WiN]

Nudistort is a distortion VST plugin
  • Publisher: Nudist Audio
  • Product: Nudistort
  • Release: MOCHA
  • Version: 1.1.12
  • Format: VST3

If you thought you knew what distortion could sound like, get ready to have your expectations shredded by Nudistort. This ferocious new plugin from Nudist Audio takes distortion to punishingly thick, wildly aggressive levels that make even the gnarliest amp sims and waveshapers seem tame by comparison.

Let’s just say upfront – Nudistort is not for the faint of heart or those seeking subtle saturation vibes. No, this beast was designed as an uncompromising tool for razing audio signals to the ground and resculpting them into fundamentally transformed masses of clipping fury.

The almost indescribable character of Nudistort’s algorithm vaguely reminds me of a growling jungle cat devouring a jar of viscous, raw honey. There’s a gooey stickiness and desiccated rasp to the distortion that seems to mangle transients and smear resonances in utterly unique ways. Simple sine tones pumped through it emerge as gurgling, caustic croaks. Drums take on a sandpapery, cauterized gnarliness that’s borderline painful in the best way.

But as unbelievably aggressive as Nudistort can get, it avoids veering into outright harsh, fizzy territory thanks to clever dynamics and soft-saturation processes under the hood. The end result is a distinctly coherent yet still totally blown-out distortion quality that’s somehow more focused and musical than you’d expect.

The plugin itself is pretty no-frills in its interface and controls, delivering the raw grunt of the Nudistort engine with just a few parameters to tweak tone, grit, and dynamics to taste. But really, I found myself just diving into the unique presets and pushing the main Drive and Distortion controls to gloriously offensive extremes.

While it could theoretically work on conventional material like aggressive rock/metal vocals or enormously distorted synth riffs, Nudistort feels most at home on more avant-garde sound design duties – disintegrating and reconstituting material into abstract, visceral textures. I’d highly recommend it to any electronic noise sculptors, industrial musicians, or sound artists seeking to unmake source audio into heaping piles of oxidized, frothy sonic wreckage.

The one main caveat is that Nudistort is soooo intense that it’s definitely not an all-purpose plugin. But when you need to dial sonic obliteration up to 11, there’s nothing else quite like Nudist Audio’s unhinged new distortion monster. Just be sure to wear ear protection.

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