Major Label Mastering: Professional Mastering Process [EPUB]

Publisher: Focal Press
Product: Major Label Mastering Professional Mastering Process
Author: Evren Göknar
Pages: 208
Format: EPUB
  • Publisher: Focal Press
  • Product: Major Label Mastering Professional Mastering Process
  • Author: Evren Göknar
  • Pages: 208
  • Format: EPUB

Major Label Mastering: Professional Mastering Process distills 25 years of mastering experience at Capitol Records into practical understandings and reliable systems. Containing unparalleled insights, this book reveals the mastering tricks and techniques used by Evren Göknar at one of the world’s most notable record labels.

Beginning with the requisite competencies every Mastering Engineer must develop, Major Label Mastering delves into the particulars of the mastering studio, as well as fundamental mastering tools. Included among these tools is The Five Step Mastering Process, a rigorously tested system that equips the practitioner to successfully and confidently master a project to exacting standards of audio fidelity. Covering all bases, the book discusses both macro and micro considerations: from mindset approach and connecting with clients down to detailed guidelines for processing audio, advanced methods, and audio restoration. Each chapter ends with exercises intended to deepen understanding and skill, or to supplement course study.

Suitable for all levels, this is a unique resource for students, artists, and recording and Mastering Engineers alike. Major Label Mastering is supplemented by digital resources including audio examples and video tutorials.

Table of Contents

    • PART I: The Key Competencies and Understandings of a Mastering Engineer
      • Chapter I. The Mastering Engineer
      • Chapter II. Listening Experience: The Mastering Engineer’s Primary Concern
    • PART II: The Mastering Studio and Fundamental Mastering Tools
      • Chapter III. The Mastering Studio
      • Chapter IV. Fundamental Mastering Tools and The Primary Colors of Mastering
    • PART III: Professional Mastering Process: The Five Step Mastering Process
      • Chapter V. Step I: Objective Assessment
      • Chapter VI. Step II: Subjective Assessment
      • Chapter VII. Step III: The Mastering Game Plan
      • Chapter VIII. Step IV: Assembly – Links in a Chain
      • Chapter IX. Step V: Delivery – Generate The Master
    • PART IV – Professional Mastering Process – Macro Considerations
      • Chapter X. Before Beginning a Mastering Project
      • Chapter XI. The Inner Game: Mindset Approaches For Mastering
      • Chapter XII. Session-Saving Mastering Secrets
    • PART V: Professional Mastering Process – Micro Considerations
      • Chapter XIII. General Guidelines for Processing Audio
      • Chapter XIV. Advanced Mastering Chain Tools and Techniques
      • Chapter XV. Mid-Side (M/S): An Elixir of Mastering Hope
      • Chapter XVI. In-The-Box Considerations
      • Chapter XVII. De-noising / Audio Restoration (Out, Damned Spot!)
      • Chapter XVIII. Conclusion and Summary
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