Bitwig Studio v3.3.5 [OSX]

Publisher: Bitwig
Product: Bitwig Studio
Version: 3.3.5-MORiA
Formats: Standalone
Requirements: macOS 10.13 High Sierra or above
  • Publisher: Bitwig
  • Product: Bitwig Studio
  • Version: 3.3.5-MORiA
  • Formats: Standalone
  • Requirements: macOS 10.13 High Sierra or above

Bitwig Studio inspires you to take greater control of your music, giving you access to every aspect of your production. Streamline your creative process and quickly evolve your ideas into complete songs, tracks, and compositions. Record and arrange, improvise and perform, or do it all at once.

Audio Editing – The Detail Editor optimizes audio editing by letting you make edits within a clip. This allows you to stretch, split, pitch, pan, copy, reverse, add, move, and rearrange audio as you choose.

Expressive MIDI Support – In addition to standard note-editing features and per-note expressions such as velocity, gain, pan, timbre, and pressure, Bitwig Studio features unique tools like quick actions, micro pitch, and sophisticated layered editing, and is a forefront runner in supporting MPE.

Time-Stretching – Keep your audio material in time regardless of project tempo using Bitwig Studio’s state-of-the-art time stretching. Let Bitwig Studio analyze and automatically stretch your audio, or take full control and use our advanced stretching and editing tools. Bitwig Studio comes with 8 different time stretch algorithms to cover all your musical needs, including the renowned Zplane Elastique in four flavors.

Sampler – The Bitwig Studio Sampler is a powerful tool for playing and manipulating audio. It boasts several playback modes, advanced looping features with crossfades, endless modulation possibilities, a massive multisample editor, and more.

Phase-4 – Meet Phase-4, a four-oscillator synthesizer powered by phase modulation and phase distortion. This unique synth can do classic, modern, and beyond.

EQ+ – EQ+ is a feature-packed graphical equalizer with up to 8 bands, mouse gestures, and excellent visualization and algorithms.

Drum Machine – The Drum Machine is a container device that you can fill with sonic goodness. It’s never been easier to create unique and great-sounding kits.

Amp – Inject a bit of virtual analog grit into your sounds with the Amp device, a remarkable piece of amplifier-simulation technology.

Micro-pitch Micro-pitch is a Note FX device that allows you to re-tune your note streams in new ways. Fine-tune individual notes, transform scales, shrink or expand octaves, play notes that you would never have imagined.

Changes in Bitwig Studio 3.3.5 [released 18 March 2021]


  • Pasting notes put them in a wrong position, under certain conditions [24036]
  • Muted clips sometimes didn’t immediately display as muted [25340]
  • Layered note editor was jumping to the audio editor when changing note length in certain cases [24023]
  • When deleting all tempo automation points during playback, tempo jumped to 0 BPM [20952]
  • Copy and pasting a scene that has tempo automation would lose the tempo automation in the pasted scene [24829]
  • Saving a clip from the master track to the library that contained tempo automation would not save the tempo automation [25453]
  • Value boxes for entering parameter values were too small (regression since v3.3.4) [25425]
  • Quick Slice function: beat grid subdivision shown in window footer was incorrect [25195]
  • Hover info text was not shown in some cases where it should have been [25426, 25422, 25423]
  • Windows: Audio file import works again (regression since v3.3.4) [25448]
  • Linux: Splash screen was enormous on a hi-res monitor when a custom scaling factor was used
  • Multi-touch: Set play start marker when selection clips / time on Arranger option didn’t work
  • Multi-touch: Moving large multi-track time-selections was extremely slow [25424]
  • Multi-touch: No longer need to wait for the menu to show up in order to move Arranger clips/time to the left
  • FabFilter Pro-Q3/VST3 did not show the side chain signal if there was no input [25383]
  • VST3 plug-ins: barPositionMusic reported zero at all times
  • LinnStrument controller script: Now defaults to a Pitch Bend range of 48 semitones, to reflect a change in the recent 2.2.2 firmware update.
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