DDMF BridgeWize (Win)

DDMF BridgeWize Win
  • Publisher: DDMF
  • Product: BridgeWize
  • Version: 1.1.5
  • Operating System: Windows

DDMF BridgeWize is a bit bridge software for Windows and macOS.

Bridgewize is a universal, cross-platform bit-bridging solution. It can bridge both VST plugins and Audio Units on Mac and VST plugins on Windows. The app is predicated on the bridging technique introduced with Metaplugin v3 last year and will come useful for those users who don’t need all the overhead of Metapluging once they “only” want to resurrect their old 32-bit plugins within the ever-increasing set of 64-bit-only DAWs.

BridgeWize Features:

  • Plugin organizer to display all 32-bit candidates for straightforward and intuitive wrapping and unwrapping.
  • Zero-latency audio transfer between the 64-bit DAW and therefore the dedicated 32-bit bridging app.
  • Plugin UI appearing seamlessly within the host’s window.
  • Negligible additional CPU usage.
  • Compatible with VST 2.4 plugins, OS X 10.6, and better or Windows Vista and better (untested on Windows XP).

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