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Product: Samplitude Pro X6 Suite
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Samplitude Pro X6 Suite crack offers recording and mixing engineers useful features that revolutionize classic DAW workflows. Edit while recording. Apply effects individually to individual clips. Visualize volume, frequency and phase for selected tracks. Take advantage of customizable interfaces and automations that will redefine efficiency in your own personal workflow!

Samplitude Pro X6 Suite crack unites everything to achieve your perfect sound: You get SOUND FORGE Pro 14, the latest Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 7 (and 8 on it’s release), iZotope Ozone 9 Elements and iZotope RX8 Elements and even more great-sounding instruments.

Samplitude Pro X6 Suite Crack Features


Samplitude works using full bit transparency for absolute sound neutrality. The consistent use of floating point calculations ensures that your sound retains its character, even after extensive digital processing. The result – transparency, neutrality, retention of transients and spatiality.

Sophisticated recording

Samplitude Pro X6 crack stands for the highest level of audio quality and stability, even in complex recording sessions. With a total of 999 tracks and up to 256 physical inputs and outputs, working on large projects is no problem at all. Use common audio formats from 16-bit to 32-bit floating point as well as sample rates up to 384 kHz.

Take Composer

The Take Composer clearly displays all the recordings of a passage. This feature offers a specially optimized cutting tool to combine the takes in the context of the arrangement to get a perfect end result.


Editing is one of the core competencies in Samplitude. With time-saving workflows, flexible docking options and ultra-precise tools, users can work in a production environment that’s perfectly customized to their needs so they can concentrate fully on projects.

Edit objects in the arranger

In addition to standard options for track-related editing, Samplitude also features object-based editing options. Set fades with customized curves, decrease or increase volume using the mouse, and trim or stretch sections.

For detailed editing options, you can double-click to open the object editor to discover even more possibilities for modifying your sound.

Object Editor

Focus on the object level and integrate individual clips in the mix. This way, you don’t need to create new tracks for short sections that are in projects with complex arrangements and longer duration.

Apply effects or route objects to AUX and Surround buses. From fades to effect and pitch editing, all edits you make are non-destructive and are calculated during playback – so there’s plenty of room for experimentation.

ARA2 support

Edit projects on a whole new level of musicality. ARA supports integration of Celemony Melodyne and others and enables the direct transfer of tempo and pitch values as well as volume and intonation. The new ARA2 lets you work faster and more efficiently in realtime, for simultaneous editing of multiple tracks and clean transitions between clips without crossfades.

Celemony Melodyne essential

Melodyne essential allows for pitch correction at the top level of quality. Specialized algorithms enable you to manipulate acoustic character, timing, duration and pitch for individual notes within your recordings.

Automation Shapes

Set curve types to simplify your workflow further. Use Automation Shapes to build gradual transitions between two points in an automation. Are there still issues with the audio? Not any more with Samplitude.

zplane algorithm

Use the latest zplane algorithm, élastique Pro v3, for time stretching and pitch shifting. This algorithm uses the latest findings from signal processing theory and combines these with psycho-acoustic models. Higher, wider or faster – great sound is always the result.

Copy & paste content across projects

Easily copy tracks, even across projects. Switch between tabs for open projects and start copying content. Simply use the checklist to choose which settings you want to transfer – for instance VST plug-ins, AUX busses, or submix busses. This makes your arranging and editing workflow much more streamlined.

Custom modifications

You can customize the interface in Samplitude to suit your own workflow. For instance, VST instruments can now be renamed to simplify your workflow, regardless of manufacturer specifications. You can now also select multiple tracks at once and adjust their height simultaneously.


Discover a source of creative inspiration that never runs dry – with practical aids for composition, plus a huge range of tools for creating and modulating sound. Extensive options for producing scores and MIDI editing as well as numerous virtual instruments: There’s plenty here to inspire your productions.

Virtual instruments in Samplitude Pro X6 crack

Samplitude Pro X6 crack includes a huge range of modern and classic software instruments that can be used to create professional arrangements and offer whole new creative possibilities. Produce music with groove boxes, synthesizers and authentic sampler instruments from a variety of countries and eras.

*Exclusively in the Suite version.

2 plucked and stringed instruments
  • Power Guitar (exclusively in the Suite version): Massive power chords, squealing slides and powerful overdrives – everything you need for rich guitar sounds.
  • Jazz Guitar: The warm semi-acoustic tones blend harmoniously into any recording.
2 orchestral sounds
  • Cello: Just as convincing on its own as in an ensemble: the cello. Masters nuances from sensitive to expressive.
  • Orchestral Ensemble: The different ensembles and playing styles are impressive – ideal for film music.
2 keyboard instruments
  • Electric Piano: Whether for jazz, melodic blue notes, or funky riffs full of overdrive, this piano is versatile.
  • Century Keys: A premium collection of pianos and concert grand pianos – perfect for pop, rock, jazz, hip hop, soul, RnB or house.
6 synthesizer
  • NEW! Lead Synth: A powerful synthesizer for creating cool electro and bass sounds.
  • NEW! Bass Machine: Perfect basslines and cone-rattling tones can’t make a Bass Machine more powerful than this one.
  • Analog Synths 2: From analog to digital, from classic to modern: These special synths refine every piece of music.
  • Cinematic Synth: A driving bass in a dark combination with epic organs, mallets and dancing keys.
  • DN-e1: With driving electro sounds and vibrating bass, the DN-e1 is ready for the club.
  • Revolta 2: An electronic dance track with an animating beat and playful synthesizer figures.
11 Drums, Percussions & Drum Machines
  • NEW! Soundtrack Percussion (exklusiv in der Suite): A wide palette of impressive bells, drums, timpani, gongs and taiko drums for building up the drama in film music in a rhythmic way.
  • NEW! Jazz Drums: Broom drumsticks, tom toms, ride cymbals and hi-hats provide a groovy jazz feel.
  • NEW! Rock Drums: Dynamic snares, powerful kicks and precise hi-hats. Supported by a cracking electric guitar.
  • Pop Drums: Soft drum rhythms, booming trap beats, pumping techno grooves or a furious double bass in a metal style.
  • Bongos: The drums, which originate from Cuba, provide gripping rhythms and create a hot salsa feeling.
  • Congas: When the congas kick in, there’s no stopping you.
  • Shaker: Pop, jazz or Latin: The shaker can be used in any genre and provides inimitable grooves.
  • Taiko: Drum sounds straight from Japan: for the background of action-packed fight scenes and great dramaturgy.
  • Loop Designer: Playful ease in creating your own drum loops and bass figures.
  • Robota: A classic and four-voice drum machine for powerful drums, distorted rhythms or dark synth sounds.
  • BeatBox 2: Bombastic sounds and lots of possibilities as well as effects for sound shaping for drums.
Other instruments
  • NEW! Accordion (exclusively in the Suite version): A light summery accordion melody just like in typical French films.
  • Upright Bass: Adds character to all recordings – from classic to funky or rock sounds.
  • Vita 2: Orchestral horns, electric basses and funky electric pianos – set accents and weird leads with Vita 2.
  • Vita Sampler: With Vita Sampler, you play each loop like an instrument.

Independence Sampler

A one-of-a-kind sampler workstation with a vast sound library, optimized live performance mode and a virtual effects rack.

Included in Samplitude Pro X6 crack: Independence Pro Plus Suite (12 GB Sound Library)

Included in Samplitude Pro X6 Suite crack: Independence Pro Premium Suite (70 GB Sound Library)

MIDI in Samplitude

A combination of extensive MIDI functionality and smooth workflows enables you to bring musical ideas to life on a professional level.

MIDI Polyphonic Expression

Add expression: MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE for short) transmits only a single note per channel, but with all parameters. This way, compatible controllers such as the ROLI Seaboard can output at their full potential. Want to create a more rhythmic solo, or lower harmonies with sustain? MPE makes it easy.

Advanced MIDI controller editing

Transfer the extremely detailed modulation curves from your best takes to other controller lanes. Select the desired sections, e.g., for volume, and paste them onto any sub-tracks you want. Enjoy more creative freedom for highly expressive compositions.

MIDI editor

The MIDI editor integrates various applications, views, ranges, and tools. The MIDI parameter editing tool can be accessed here at all times: Selected events (e.g. velocity or pitch bend) can be moved, stretched or compressed and scaled in relation to each other in various ways. MIDI quantization is also possible without any additional steps.

Music notation From

initial idea to finished score: Music notation in Samplitude Pro X5 displays MIDI data as notes in realtime. Your edits are transferred directly to the MIDI editor. Notations can be edited using the parameters pitch, velocity and length. When you’re finished, you can publish the data as sheet music. If you import a MIDI file with lyric markers, the text is displayed in the score.

Drum Editor

This alternative to the classic piano roll view has been specially designed for programming drums. Transfer note settings to other channel strips and quantize individual elements or assign them a new output channel if necessary. The editor can be displayed in Matrix mode with conventional parameters or in cell mode. This way, quantization for note length and snapping to grid can be implemented more easily.


Intuitive mixing, flexible routing and new automation functions for complex recording tasks – on up to 999 tracks. Practical for all productions, ideal for larger arrangements. Now with the improved Pan/Surround dialog!

Monitoring Section

A central hardware controller with a plethora of cables are now a thing of the past. The new Monitoring Section in Samplitude Pro X6 crack offers unprecedented flexibility. You can now access multiple monitoring paths, with or without additional effects. Play back your configurations and integrate talkback if you want – this can be done easily using the mouse or shortcuts.

Tempo Track

Tempo now has its own track and offers extra functions. You can automate tempo in a free and uninhibited way, whether to create a wild transition between a slow introduction passage and a faster verse, or build sound throughout a symphony in an inspiring way. Buttons above act as helpful markers for beat and tempo change.

NEW! Render flexibility with track output recording

When you record the output of the track, you record what you hear and not what is being feed into the track. Samplitude saves your project material in a clean state, giving you full control to render your project material flexibly and experiment with effects afterwards.

NEW! Search & find your presets in the Plug-in browser

With the Plug-in browser extension, you can now access plug-in presets directly and quickly. Mark your favorites for quick access and take advantage of the keywords and filters. Rediscover the potential of your entire plug-in collection!

Automation Lanes with advanced copy functions

Track automation in Samplitude Pro X6 crack can now be displayed across several sub-tracks, known as “lanes”. You can display and edit any number of track parameters such as volume, panorama or effect settings simultaneously. Select particularly detailed or complex curves and copy them simultaneously to any number of automation lanes on other tracks. For example, you can assign identical volume curves to any grouped instruments.


Every component of the guitar and bass amplifier, from the tube to the speaker coils, is virtualized right down to the last detail. Physical modeling technology guarantees great sound without compromise. Vandal SE contains four stomp boxes, 50 presets and three different miking arrangements. The full version, available only in the Suite, comes with a total of 24 stomp boxes, 70 different present and three possible miking arrangements.

Analogue Modelling Suite Plus

In the tonal tradition of analog compressors, am|track can be used to add tape saturation. Samplitude Pro X6 Suite crack extras: The am|phibia tube pre-amp, the am|pulse transient designer for influencing the signal envelope of percussive audio material, plus the am|munition dynamics tool with compressor, limiter, clipper and M/S editing are all included.

essentialFX Suite

The essentialFX Suite contains a collection of 11 professional mixing plug-ins for modulation and dynamic effects. This collection contains both standard effects, such as flanger, tremolo and chorus, as well as special plug-ins for optimizing speech and vocal recordings, and a high-quality compressor.

Vintage Effects Suite

The Vintage Effects Suite offer a trinity of components: Filtox is an Oberheim filter and controls the frequency response of a modulation source. This allows you to create effects like the wah-wah effect. Ecox realistically emulates echoes from analog tape devices, which are caused by tracking fluctuations. The Corvex plug-in modulates analog-sounding chorus and flanger effects.

Cleaning effects

Exclusive in Samplitude Pro X6 Suite crack: Samplitude Pro X6 Suite crack includes a track-level frequency-based cleaning tool in the form of spectral editing. Remove unwanted sounds like coughing or clapping, without affecting the original signal audibly. Noise interference is now displayed in color, so it can be quickly located and removed right away. Additional cleaning effects include the DeHisser, DeClipper and DeNoiser plug-ins. These can also be found in Samplitude Pro X6 crack (Classic).


Mastering is where Samplitude really comes into its own as a high-quality and reliable audio toolkit. All effects included in the program have been specially optimized for mastering tasks. Easily visualize important signal properties such as peak, loudness, frequency response and phase coherence. Meters can be customized for the task you use them for.

NEW! Use dynamicEQ to shape your sound

dynamicEQ makes mixing easier and more precise – apply frequency cuts and boosts only where your material will benefit. You can dynamically boost, attenuate and shape your sounds across your entire project. Multiple filter options for each EQ band allow you to edit your tracks with surgical precision.

NEW! Achieve the highest quality with the best resampling engine

With the newly integrated resampling you have the option to work with any sample rate in your project. The configurable engine ensures that you consistently output the highest quality and obtain only the best from your material. In real time and without prior conversion.


Samplitude Pro X6 crack offers a variety of precision meters and analyzers that provide optimal support during production and the mastering process. Browse visualizations such as bit meter, tuner spectrogram or mono compatibility tool to find the one you need. You can also combine them to set up your own custom interface for more detailed examination of frequencies or the stereo and Surround distribution. You can choose between different arrangements or your own customized layouts and save them for later use.

Exclusive in Samplitude Pro X6 Suite crack: Monitor the loudness of your signals according to EBU R128 standard.


WaveColor macht jeden Frequenzverlauf durch prägnante Einfärbungen der Wellenform sichtbar. Tonhöhen und Klangcharakter werden in unterschiedlichen Farbtönen und Sättigungsstufen visualisiert. Unerwünschte Störgeräusche und andere Anomalien lassen sich so bereits vor dem Abhören ausmachen.

sMax11 brickwall limiter

Take your mix to the limit. Select how aggressive limiting should be with a variety of modes.
Exclusive in Samplitude Pro X6 Suite crack: Inter-sample peaks are now taken into account during the limiting of the signal.

Mastering & authoring

With cracked Samplitude Pro X6, create masters according to the Red Book standard and burn them directly from the arrangement into all formats – uncompressed (linear PCM) or in compressed formats and on all forms of blank disc.

Exclusive in the Samplitude Pro X6 Suite crack: In addition to physical mastering, you can create a bit-precise digital DDP master for transferring your master to the pressing plant.

MP3/AAC audition plug-in

Exclusive in the Samplitude Pro X6 Suite crack: The preview plug-in enables you to hear the results before export. You can use this to check for compression artifacts or loss of highs and adjust parameters to fix them. The encoder plug-in enable you to fulfil all requirements for export, for instance “Mastered for iTunes” requirements.

EXCLUSIVE IN Samplitude Pro X6 Suite crack

Samplitude Pro X6 Suite crack unites everything to achieve your perfect sound: You get SOUND FORGE Pro 14, the latest Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 7 (and 8 on it’s release), iZotope Ozone 9 Elements and iZotope RX8 Elements and even more great-sounding instruments.


SOUND FORGE Pro is the ideal companion software to Samplitude Pro X6 Suite crack. This powerful audio editor works on a detailed, sample-based level and offers a premium selection of tools for precise tasks and for mastering audio material in stereo and Surround.

Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 7 + 8

Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 7 is one of the most advanced spectral editors worldwide. SpectraLayers Pro transforms sound into a visual world of multidimensional audio data. Its concept, based on frequency selection, enables sounds to be extracted, optimized or rearranged in ways previously thought unimaginable. Thanks to ARA2, SpectraLayers Pro is now more seamlessly integrated into cracked Samplitude Pro X6.

All Suite users will be able to download the forthcoming update to Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 8 for free upon release.

iZotope RX 8 Elements

iZotope RX Elements includes a stand-alone editor and plug-ins for resolving common issues with recordings such as clipping, humming and clicks. Unwanted background noise can be easily removed. iZotope RX 8 Elements offers everything needed to perfect an audio production.

iZotope Ozone 9 Elements

iZotope Ozone Elements contains a wide range of presets and macro controls that make the mastering process an absolute pleasure. The Mastering Wizard analyzes your mix and suggests signal chains and processor settings that you can preview before applying. Customize the sound depending on the kind of master you want – from radio play to streaming, you can get results easily and in next to no time.

colorFX Suite

The colorFX Suite offers a wide palette for assertive sound coloration. With signal routing that can be filtered and modulated, colorFX can be used flexibly – as subtle emulsifiers for masters and grouped signals, or to create a distinctive texture for individual tracks.

coreFX Suite

Essential tools for mixing and mastering can be found in coreFX Suite. Access nine sophisticated components for sound creation: Three delay effects for creating echo and reverb, five plug-ins for precise dynamic control, plus a rhythm effect for modern production. When it comes to the fundamental stages of editing a production, the coreFX Suite is with you every step of the way.

NEW! Use legendary reverbs with Convology XT Complete

Convology XT Complete contains 2965 impulse responses (4.6 GB) impulse responses from classic reverb units and other devices. The bandwidth of synths included ranges from vintage amps to tape echoes. Amplitude, waveform length, decay – Convology XT lets you build upon basic convolution with a wide number of parameters which can otherwise only be used for digitally created reverb.

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