PreSonus Studio One 5.4.1 Professional [WiN]

Publisher: PreSonus
Product: Studio One 5.4 Professional
Version: 5.4.0 Incl Patched and Keygen-R2R
  • Publisher: PreSonus
  • Product: Studio One 5.4.1 Professional
  • Version: 5.4.1 Incl Patched and Keygen-R2R

Studio One 5.4 crack is here! Studio One 5.4 crack adds new features, enhancement, and powerful workflow improvements to Studio One 5 crack. This is a free update for Studio One 5 crack users and PreSonus Sphere members.

Native support for Apple Silicon (M1) processors

With Studio One 5.4 crack, PreSonus introduces native support for M1-based Apple computers. Native mode for Studio One 5.4 crack offers additional CPU optimization for better overall CPU performance. To achieve optimal performance, Native mode requires all VST plug-ins, instruments, and hardware drivers to also provide Native support. To that end, nearly all PreSonus application software, plug-ins, and hardware drivers now support full native compatibility with M1-based Macs.

Plug-in Nap

Studio One 5.4 crack introduces a new Plug-in Nap option that improves overall CPU performance by pausing processing for any plug-ins that are not currently passing audio. The status for each plug-in can be monitored in the updated Performance Monitor.

Plug-in Nap is automatically suspended when the plug-in window is opened. With this new option enabled, you can run more plug-ins in your session. Plug-in Nap does not currently support virtual instruments.

Export multiple formats in one pass

With only a single format selected, switching formats is as easy as clicking on a different format. Checking additional formats adds them to the selection. When a Publisher is selected (such as “Send to Notion,”) Studio One crack ensures that the default format of that publisher is part of the selection. Settings are now remembered when closing the “Export Mixdown” window. PreSonus Sphere members are able to export multiple formats simultaneously into a single PreSonus Sphere Workspace.

Realtime chord display in editor

A new Chord display for notes from the editor has been added to the Note Editor inspector underneath the existing Input Chord display. This display has two states, depending on the context:

“Current Chord” shows the chord detected from notes at the current play position, as well as the next upcoming chord.

“Selected Chord” shows the chord detected from the current note event selection. For multiple selected notes, the chord is determined from exactly these notes (can also be an arpeggio). For a single selected note, the detection looks for overlapping notes to determine the chord.

The current chord is displayed inside the tooltip, as well as on mouseover when editing notes.

The floating Chord Display can be set to show the current chord from the Chord Track, the input chord, or the currently selected chord in the editor. When showing chords from the Chord Track, the window shows both the current and next chord, as well as a progress bar to indicate the time to the next chord change–making it a great tool for recording and performing artists, as well as teachers and students.

Updated Plug-in Manager

The Plug-in Manager in Studio One 5.4 crack has a new Version column so you can make sure your plug-in library is always up to date; and a new Statistics tab provides useful information.

Third-party plug-ins that fail during the Studio One crack launch scan are now moved to a Blocklist inside the Plug-in Manager so they don’t interfere with your session. You have the ability to manually reset the blocklist, remove individual plug-ins, or move problematic plug-ins manually to the Blocklist by simply dragging and dropping them.

Performance optimization for Mix Engine FX
Like Plug-in Nap, Studio One Mix Engine FX plug-ins from PreSonus also now use less CPU processing when channels are silent. This improvement is available for all Mix Engine FX version 1.1 or newer and is automatically active on any session using Mix Engine FX.

Autosave just got better

New in version 5.4, Autosave will wait to complete until playback is no longer in progress. In addition, Autosave now takes less time by always using cached plug-in data. The “Use cached plug-in data on save” option now affects manual Save only.

Improved chord detection

Detecting chords from audio in Studio One 5.4 crack now delivers more accurate results and improved timing. Chords detected from note events are now more accurate as well. The full set of chords that are available in the Chord Selector can be recognized from music parts.

This produces more consistent results when dragging chord events from the Chord Track to the arrangement and back.

“Copy external files” option for Songs, Projects, and Shows

The option “Ask to copy external files when saving Song…” has been renamed to “Ask to copy external files when saving Document” and now also works for Projects and Shows, as it did before for Songs: When a document is saved, a dialog offers to copy all “external” files (outside the Song/Project/Show) folder that have been added since the last save. This question only appears once for each file.

An essential file management feature—now available for all Studio One crack document formats!

“Remove all” option for sends

A convenient “Remove all” option for sends is now available in the Console. Click on the drop-down arrow next to Sends to access the new command. This command can also be applied to groups of Channels simultaneously.

Full Studio One 5.4 video playlist:

Version 5.4.1 Release Notes (October 14, 2021):

The following issues have been fixed:

  • [Apple Silicon Native] Tuner shows incorrect results
  • [ATOM SQ] Fixed page numbers for Song, Instrument, and Editor buttons
  • [macOS] Touch event is offset in plug-in select menu
  • [Note Editor] Tab to next note not working consistently
  • 32-bit float recording from Capture shows up as 16-bit in Studio One
  • Alt+Drag in arrangement intermittently crashes S1
  • BPM from WAV file not properly applied to audio part
  • Can’t drag WAV files to browser to export events with FX
  • Cancel mixdown keeps rendered part
  • Crash when closing plug-in editor via touch
  • Crash with Acustica Audio N4 plug-in
  • “Cursor follows edit position” option fails when dragging chords from the chord track to the arrangement
  • Dragging notes from note editor to arrangement delivers unexpected results
  • Dragging time-stretched audio event with detected chords to instrument track creates event with wrong length
  • Dragging Splitter from browser search result shows unwanted behavior
  • Higher audio monitoring latency reported in certain cases
  • Impact XT inside a multi-instrument creates unwanted noise
  • Note On not sent to MIDI outputs when MPE enabled
  • Pipeline ‘ping’ doesn’t work when transport is stopped
  • Potential crash on system shutdown when Studio One is still open
  • Scores from Notion using Jazz font are displayed incorrectly
  • Some automation parameters may be linked to the wrong track with bus automation
  • SoundCloud browser tab occasionally stays empty
  • With Plug-in Nap active, reverb tail is cut from certain AU plug-ins
  • With Show Page in Perform View, pressing space bar to play/stop doesn’t work when Setlist is in focus

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