TEAM R2R ASCEMU2 v1.0.6 [WiN]

Team R2R
  • Publisher: TEAM R2R
  • Product: ASCEMU2
  • Version: 1.0.6

ACSEMU is an emulator for Arturia Software Center Agent, their licensor app.

  • It does not affect to legit ACS. Only R2R Arturia releases call ASCEMU.
  • ACSEMU doesn’t access to Arturia Server. Legit version connects to the server when plugin asks for data collection, getting purcha-sable content, license sync functions.
  • With the emulation, Arturia apps work more accurate like original one. We still need to patch
    hardcoded SHA512 stuff for mathematical reason though! (It’s Uhe-Hash-Hardcoding protection.

With legit license, we can make true emulator!)

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