Real Sound Lab CONEQ Workshop (Win)

Real Sound Lab CONEQ Workshop (Win)
  • Real Sound Lab
  • CONEQ Workshop
  • v3.3.3.5
  • 32-bit & 64-bit
  • Windows

CONEQ Workshop is a VST (Virtual Studio Technology) measurement software plugin for Windows. Real Sound Lab CONEQ Workshop 2 runs as a VST Plugin, an RTAS plugin and an SAL Plugin.

CONEQ Workshop is that the measurement software tool for any complex system with multiple channels or maybe acoustical challenges, with features beyond sound pressure level correction alone.

Introduction to CONEQ™. A short introduction how to correctly measure loudspekers in order to generate correction filters with CONEQ technology. Real Sound Lab’s CONEQ™ is a technology to measure and correct loudspeakers. With CONEQ™, every loudspeaker sounds better clear, natural, and without attenuations within the limits of its physical capabilities. The CONEQ™ measurement technology is applied to make a precise measurement of how loud the loudspeaker reproduces tones of each frequency and to produce a respective correction filter. The CONEQ™ realization technology is any of the software or hardware equalization tools supporting CONEQ™ in order to apply the generated correction filters.

CONEQ Workshop provides the user with many detailed parameters to customize measurements also as modify the correction curve to the applications requirements.

In addition it provides features like composite correction of multiple measurements and a spread of target correction features.

It also allows the user to load frequency response compensation files for the audio interfaces also because the measurement microphone to realize a maximum linearity.

Graphs and reports are often exported and printed for repeated tests or internal control of permanent installations, etc..

CONEQ Workshop software is protected by a eLicenser USB Key and available as limited (time limited to at least one month ranging from the day of first activation) and unlimited version.
Application tools include a limited CONEQ Workshop license.

CONEQ Workshop features

  • CONEQ™ WorkshopFilter frequency (kHz): 0.5 / 1 / 2 / 8 / 16 / 32 / 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96
  • Filter resolution (number of taps): 1024 and 4096
  • Support for APEQ™ hardware equalizers
  • Support for CONEQ™ P2/P8/P2pro/P8pro plug-ins
  • Adjustable limits for max gain/attenuation
  • Parametric equalizer for outlining target curve
  • Graphic equalizer for outlining target curve
  • Custom target curve files
  • Microphone calibration file support
  • Composite (averaged) measurement
  • Measurement from pre-recorded file
  • Changeable smoothing (octave)
  • Changeable test signal periods
  • Changeable time window

CONEQ Workshop FAQ

I want to apply CONEQ just to a area and not to the whole bandwith of the speaker, how❓

CONEQ Workshop offers several options to specify the upper and lower frequency of the correction range and leave the rest uncorrected.

If I change my studio at a later date, can I get CONEQ Workshop to measure again❓

The included CONEQ Workshop Software, is valid for 30 days after the first activation. Later you can purchase new CONEQ Workshop licenses. Alternatively you can buy the CONEQ Workshop Unlimited license that never runs out.

What is the APEQ 2pro latency from input to output❓

The delay from Analog In to Analog Out is about 1,6 ms. On APEQ 2pro DIO from Digital In to Digital Out it is about 2,4 ms.

Can I use CONEQ for multi channel systems like 5.1, 7.1 or other formats❓

Yes, you can! CONEQ measurement is taken for one channel at a time and correction is applied to each channel separately. Software or hardware are available in 2 or 8 channel versions and they can be used together.

Does the APEQ need to be connected to a computer all the time❓

No, you only need to connect APEQ to a computer in oder to transfer the correction filter data. After that it runs on it´s own.

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