Serato DJ Pro Suite (Win)

Serato DJ Pro Suite (Win)
  • Serato
  • DJ Pro Suite
  • v2.3.4
  • 64-bit
  • Windows 10

Serato DJ Pro Suite is a Standalone DJ software. Serato DJ Pro Suite works as a Standalone software. Serato DJ Pro Suite 2.3.4 is out now, bringing support for the Rane SEVENTY.

Serato DJ Pro Suite is Professional DJ software. From the unknown to the best , Serato DJ Pro is that the hottest DJ software globally. When you’re talking about Hip-Hop, Dance, and everything in between, you are looking at the quality .

Serato DJ Pro offers:

  • Rock solid reliability: Serato DJ Pro is renowned for its reliability and trusted by DJs to deliver incredible performances. That’s why it powers the world’s top artists on a number of the most important stages.
  • The best hardware: Serato DJ Pro officially supports over 90 pieces of hardware by industry leaders. each piece is tightly integrated to make sure the simplest experience possible.
  • Limitless performance: Whatever your style, you’ll DJ with freedom. Your creative potential are going to be unlocked through innovative features and an intuitive interface.
  • Stream many tracks: Finding new music is not any longer a problem . you’ll now stream everything from the freshest underground sounds to certified classics directly in Serato DJ Pro.

Serato DJ Pro Rane SEVENTY support

Serato DJ Pro Suite 2.3.4 is out now, bringing support for the Rane SEVENTY.

Unlocking Serato DJ Pro and Serato DVS, the Rane SEVENTY may be a powerful 2-channel battle mixer. Experience the contactless MAG FOUR faders across both channels and therefore the crossfader, which is additionally tension adjustable. full of 16 RGB Performance Pads which will allow you to urge creative across variety of Serato DJ Pro pad modes.

Serato DJ Pro Suite v2.3.4 Release Notes:

  • Support for the Rane SEVENTY.
  • Fixed a problem where the Denon DJ SC5000/SC5000M library column sort indicator could disappear.
  • Improved Motorized Platter accuracy reducing potential audio artefacts.
  • Fixed a possible crash when clicking the mouse.
  • “Snap to Beatgrids” setting enabled by default for DJs previously using SDJ Lite.

Serato DJ Pro Recent updates:

  • Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ support
  • Numark DJ2GO2 Touch support
  • Denon DJ PRIME 4 support
  • Denon DJ SC5000M support

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