510k Arts Beat Shaker – Micro House [ABLETON RACKS ALP]

A combination of Micro House and Rominimal Drum Racks specifically tailored to work in conjunction with the “Beat Shaker” created by Alexkid
  • Publisher: 510k Arts UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
  • Product: Beat Shaker – Micro House Flavor Volume 1
  • Format: Ableton Racks ALP
  • Requirements: Max for live 8, Ableton 10.1.30+ or above recommended for an enhanced experience

Introducing Beat Shake Micro House, the inaugural volume in our drum recording collection engineered to infuse life into Micro House and “Rominimal” grooves. Brace yourself for a revolutionary experience that unlocks a universe of beats at your fingertips.

In this cutting-edge pack, you’ll discover three exclusive Drum Racks meticulously designed to harmonize seamlessly with the “Beat Shaker.” With just a click, dive into a realm of endless beat combinations. These beats aren’t just static; they’re yours to mold. Utilize dynamic tilt and velocity parameters for rapid fine-tuning, granting you unparalleled control over the dynamic range of your beats.

But wait, there’s more! We’ve injected a staggering collection of 60 MIDI patterns into the mix. Load up the Beat Shaker, choose from the three Micro House-flavored Drum Racks (or any of our previous Beat Shakes), drag a MIDI pattern into your session, hit “SHAKE,” and watch the magic unfold. Whether you shake the entire rack or tweak sections individually, you’re in for a journey of originality that far surpasses traditional drum loops.

No more complexities – it’s that simple and way more entertaining than ever.

Pack Highlights:

  • Beat Shaker Max for Live MIDI device
  • Beat Shake Micro House Flavor Drum Rack 1
  • Beat Shake Micro House Flavor Drum Rack 2
  • Beat Shake Micro House Flavor Drum Rack 3
  • 228 One Shots
  • 60 MIDI files
  • Mapped to PUSH 2

Crafted by the maestro Staniz for sound design and drum patterns, and brought to life by the ingenious Alexkid, this collaboration is set to revolutionize your Micro House productions. Ignite your creativity and let the Beat Shake journey begin! 🚀🔊

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