Big Fish Audio SMACK 2: Claps, Snaps & Stomps [KONTAKT]

big fish audio smack 2 claps snaps stomps | Plugin Crack
  • Publisher: Big Fish Audio
  • Product: SMACK 2: Claps, Snaps & Stomps
  • Release: ViP Team
  • Requirements: Kontakt v6.7.1+

As music producers, we’re always on an endless quest for the freshest, most impactful sounds to make our grooves pop. Well, let me introduce you to what might just be one of the most versatile and inventive percussive toolkits on the market: SMACK 2 by Big Fish Audio. This sequel to their wildly popular original SMACK library takes body percussion to dizzying new heights of detail and realism.

Right off the bat, the amount of content on offer here is staggering. We’re talking over 12,000 samples of meticulously captured claps, snaps, stomps, and all sorts of creative body rhythms, delivered with an insane amount of articulation nuance. Each performance was recorded with a whopping 11 round robin variations and up to 7 discrete velocity layers, ensuring these rhythmic elements avoid the dreaded “machine gun” effect.

But it’s the level of recording fidelity that really sets SMACK 2 apart from the pack. The team at Big Fish didn’t just throw up a couple of mics – they captured every single sound from three separate, customizable microphone positions: close, stereo overhead, androom. This gives you an unprecedented degree of tone-shaping flexibility, allowing you to blend the perfect balance of intimate detail and ambient warmth.

Speaking of ambience, SMACK 2’s no one-trick pony either. All those deliciously organic thumps and cracks were recorded across three distinct room environments – small, medium, and large – each imparting its own unique spatial vibe to the samples. There are some absolutely enormous stomps and thunderous claps in here, perfect for crafting earth-shaking, widescreen percussive beds.

Now, as impressive as the core body rhythms are, the real fun begins when you start pushing the boundaries of these sounds into new creative territories. The SMACK 2 library comes loaded with over 70 powerful articulation patches that map each and every round robin to individual keys, giving you tons of hands-on performability.

But the experimentation doesn’t stop there – Big Fish has also cooked up an entire universe of heavily processed, synthesized rhythmic elements that blend beautifully with the organic samples. We’re talking crispy electronic snaps, warped tonal toms, and all sorts of other spectral rhythmic mangling to add truly unique textural flair to your beats and grooves.

With eight built-in effects like compression, EQ, distortion, and delay (complete with over 40 expertly crafted presets), you’ve got an entire beat sculpting workstation at your fingertips. The interface is clean, intuitive, and deeply optimized for native NKS control and full Komplete/Maschine integration for the ultimate in workflow efficiency.

At the end of the day, what makes SMACK 2 so special is its stunning attention to detail coupled with limitless creative potential. This is so much more than just a typical “construction kit” type of sample pack – it’s a meticulously multi-sampled library that imbues the humble handclap with a level of sonic realism and authenticity that’s frankly staggering.

Whether you’re an electronic beatsmith looking for gritty percussive textures, a Hollywood composer craving thunderous cinematic rhythms, or a hip-hop producer who wants to put a truly distinctive stamp on their drums, SMACK 2 is an absolute must-have. Sure, it’s a premium product that’ll put a dent in your plugin budget. But when you factor in the amount of sheer quality and creative firepower contained in this single library, that cost starts looking like a bargain. Highly recommended!

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