Black Sun Empire Blackout Sample Pack 004 [WAV]

Blackout Music NL Black Sun Empire Blackout Sample Pack 004
  • Publisher: Blackout Music NL – Black Sun Empire
  • Product: Blackout Sample Pack 004
  • Release: Jeggar
  • Format: WAV

Blackout Sample Pack 004 emerges as a pivotal resource for producers aiming to emulate the revered sound of Blackout, a label synonymous with cutting-edge drum and bass. This pack is not merely a shortcut to a finished product; it’s a catalyst for innovation and technical mastery in music production.

Unleash the full potential of drum and bass production with Blackout Sample Pack 004, featuring exclusive tools from top producers like Joe Ford and Pythius.

A Gateway to Blackout’s Signature Sound

Black Sun Empire’s Blackout Sample Pack 004 is designed to bridge the gap between aspiring producers and the high technical standards of contemporary drum and bass. It’s a comprehensive toolkit that provides a solid foundation for both novice and seasoned artists.

What’s Inside the Pack?

  • 328 Samples & Loops: A generous collection that covers the full spectrum of drum and bass elements.
  • High-Quality WAV Format: Ensuring compatibility and quality with 44.1 kHz / 24bit resolution.
  • Royalty-Free: Offering the freedom to create without the constraints of licensing fees.
  • Expertly Crafted: Curated by renowned Drum & Bass producers, guaranteeing authenticity and industry-level standards.

Content Breakdown

The pack includes a diverse range of sounds:

  • Drums: 48 kick drums, 48 snare drums, and 8 hi-hat & percussion hits for robust rhythm foundations.
  • Loops: 36 drum breaks and 52 top loops to jumpstart the creative process.
  • Bass: 12 one-shots and 36 loops that deliver the genre’s signature low-end power.
  • Synths: 18 hits and 36 loops for melodic and harmonic layers.
  • FX: 37 effects to add depth and dimension to tracks.

Blackout Sample Pack 004 is an essential asset for any producer looking to delve into the depths of drum and bass or to infuse other genres with its intense energy. With its rich array of samples and loops, this pack is a testament to Black Sun Empire’s commitment to fostering growth and excellence in the music production community.

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