Blinksonic RUIDOZ v2.4 [REAKTOR 6]

Ruidoz is a sample based virtual machine for making beats or soundscapes
  • Publisher: Blinksonic
  • Product: RUIDOZ° V.2
  • Release: ohsie
  • Version: 2.4
  • Requirements: Reaktor 6.5

Introducing RUIDOZ° V.2 – a revolutionary beat generator and sample mangler, your go-to instrument for intelligent sound design, offering a playground to craft original sequences and an expansive range of sonic textures.

Say goodbye to mundane rhythms and repetitive percussion loops – RUIDOZ° V.2 brings a touch of (des)humanized flair to your beats, infusing the basic pulse with a dynamic and ambient twist. Dive into the vast collection of 340 one-shot samples, featuring over 300 glitchy beats, noisy percussion rhythms, and an assortment of soundscapes, HUD sounds, semi-harmonic phrases, and mechanical riffs.

Key Features:

➔ Unleash over 300 original glitchy beats, noisy percussion rhythms, and various soundscapes, HUD sounds, semi-harmonic phrases, and mechanical riffs.
➔ Infuse random colors and originality into your music with this percussive virtual machine.
➔ Perfectly complements your main beat (Kick+Snare) or establishes a rhythmical base, transforming the overall atmosphere of your track.
➔ Load your own sample libraries for added personalization.
➔ Requirements: MAC or PC with Reaktor 6.5 (FULL VERSION) & Native Access installed, Intel Core 2 Duo equivalent with 4 GB of RAM, and internet connection for downloads and updates.
➔ Enjoy the modern, intuitive, and compact graphic interface with vertical and horizontal view options, seamlessly integrated into any DAW workspace.


➔ Shape your sequence with filter, auto-pan, compressor, reverb, and ADSR envelope.
➔ Real-time manipulation of the main signal with two “Auto FX” modules housing 20 effects each. Play and record modulation with a XY pad for each effect.

Random Function:

➔ Create a flux of sample changes with the random mode, launching a different sound with each gate event from the full-featured step sequencer.
➔ Embrace the joy of managing randomness and play with the unexpected.

Sound Collection:

➔ Included are 340 sound samples, ranging from electric charges to liquid flows and wood and metallic impacts. All samples originate from extensive micro-sampling and field recordings.


➔ RUIDOZ° arrives with a substantial array of presets – 14 banks and 365 snapshots in total. Dive into detailed examples and instant inspiration for your productions.

Unleash your creativity with RUIDOZ° V.2, where innovation meets unpredictability in the realm of sound design.

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