Boutique Tones 412 MRSHLL 1960AHW G12H [IRs]

MARSHALL 1960AHW 4x12 Impulse Responses (IRs)
  • Publisher: Boutique Tones
  • Product: 412 MRSHLL 1960AHW G12H
  • Release: ARCADiA
  • Format: WAV Impulse Responses (IRs)

Discover Boutique Tones 412 MRSHLL 1960AHW G12H: A meticulously sampled virtual guitar cabinet with 768 IRs, offering unparalleled tonal flexibility for guitarists and producers.

In the world of digital guitar tone, impulse responses (IRs) have revolutionized the way guitarists and producers achieve authentic cabinet sounds in their recordings. The Boutique Tones 412 MRSHLL 1960AHW G12H stands out as a premium offering in this space, providing an extensive collection of IRs based on one of the most iconic guitar cabinets in rock history. This review will explore the features, sound quality, and potential applications of this IR pack, helping you decide if it’s the right choice for your virtual rig.

The Boutique Tones 412 MRSHLL 1960AHW G12H is a meticulously sampled virtual representation of the Marshall 1960AHW 4×12″ cabinet loaded with Celestion G12H30 speakers. Known for its robust, full-bodied tone, this cabinet has been a staple in rock and metal for decades. The IR pack aims to capture every nuance of this legendary cab, offering an impressive 768 total IRs to cover a wide range of tonal possibilities.

Key Features

Extensive Microphone Selection

The IR pack includes samples from 12 high-quality microphones, each chosen for its unique characteristics:

  • Beyerdynamic M160 (“160”)
  • Royer 122 (“122”)
  • Sennheiser MD 421N vintage (“421V”)
  • Sennheiser MD 421 (“421M”)
  • SE Electronics Voodoo VR2 (“VR2”)
  • Sennheiser MD 441 vintage (“441”)
  • Shure 545D vintage (“545D”)
  • Shure SM57 (“57”)
  • Neumann KM184 (“184”)
  • Sennheiser e906 (“906”)
  • Neumann U87 vintage (“87”)
  • Cascade Fathead (“FH”)

Comprehensive IR Collection

  • 63 IRs for each microphone (756 total)
  • 12 additional Mix Ready IRs
  • Total of 768 IRs in the pack

Sound Quality and Accuracy

The Boutique Tones 412 MRSHLL 1960AHW G12H excels in its faithful reproduction of the original cabinet’s sound. The use of high-end microphones and meticulous recording techniques results in IRs that capture the nuances of the G12H30 speakers, from the tight, punchy low-end to the crisp, articulate highs characteristic of this setup.

The variety of microphones offered allows users to explore different tonal characteristics:

  • Dynamic mics like the SM57 and MD421 provide the familiar, mid-forward rock tone
  • Ribbon mics such as the Royer 122 offer a smoother, more vintage character
  • Condenser mics like the Neumann U87 capture a more open, full-range sound

This diversity enables users to achieve tones suitable for various genres, from classic rock and blues to modern metal and beyond.

Versatility and Application

The extensive range of IRs in this pack makes it incredibly versatile for different recording and performance scenarios:

Studio Recording

  • Experiment with different mic combinations to find the perfect tone for each track
  • Use the Mix Ready IRs for quick, professional-sounding results

Live Performance

  • Load IRs into a hardware IR loader for consistent, high-quality tone on stage
  • Quickly switch between different “mic” options to adapt to various venues

Home Recording

  • Achieve studio-quality cabinet tones without the need for a physical cab and mic setup
  • Perfect for late-night recording sessions or apartment dwellers

User Experience

Loading and using these IRs is straightforward in most modern DAWs and amp sim software. However, the sheer number of options available might be overwhelming for beginners. To mitigate this, Boutique Tones has included 12 Mix Ready IRs, which serve as excellent starting points for those who want great sound without diving deep into mic selection and placement.

For more experienced users, the ability to blend different IRs opens up a world of tonal possibilities, allowing for the creation of unique, custom cabinet sounds that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with physical gear.


These IRs are provided in standard WAV format, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of software and hardware IR loaders. Users should have no issues integrating these IRs into their existing setups, whether they’re using popular amp sim software, hardware modelers, or dedicated IR loading plugins.

Pros and Cons


  • Exceptional sound quality and accuracy
  • Wide variety of high-end microphone options
  • Versatile application for different genres and recording scenarios
  • Mix Ready IRs for quick, professional results
  • Excellent value for the breadth of options provided


  • The large number of options might be overwhelming for beginners
  • Requires some knowledge of IR usage and blending for best results
  • Digital solution may not appeal to purists who prefer physical cabinets

The Boutique Tones 412 MRSHLL 1960AHW G12H IR pack is a top-tier offering in the world of virtual guitar cabinets. Its meticulous sampling of a classic Marshall cab, combined with an extensive selection of high-quality microphone options, provides users with an incredibly versatile tool for achieving professional-grade guitar tones.

Whether you’re a home recording enthusiast looking to expand your tonal palette, a professional producer seeking efficient ways to capture classic rock sounds, or a live performer in need of consistent, high-quality tone, this IR pack delivers on all fronts. The inclusion of Mix Ready IRs also makes it accessible to those who might be intimidated by the wealth of options available.

While it may require some experimentation to fully leverage its potential, the Boutique Tones 412 MRSHLL 1960AHW G12H stands out as an invaluable resource for anyone serious about their guitar tone. Its ability to provide the sound of a legendary cabinet and a locker full of high-end microphones in a convenient, digital format makes it a worthy investment for guitarists and producers across all levels of experience.

For those looking to elevate their guitar recordings or performances with authentic, flexible, and high-quality cabinet tones, the Boutique Tones 412 MRSHLL 1960AHW G12H is an exceptional choice that offers both immediate satisfaction and long-term value.

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