BT_The Granular Collection – In The Key Of A [WAV]

BT The Granular Collection In The Key Of A
  • Publisher: BT
  • Product: BT_The Granular Collection – In The Key Of A
  • Format: WAV

BT The Granular Collection In The Key Of A sounds produced by utilizing vintage synthesizers, live orchestral recordings and complex offline digital signal processing platforms such as Kyma, Csound and CDP. It is the first in an assortment of lavish, true to life surfaces for film arrangement, electronic music and anything that requires, costly, sweeping surfaces and surrounding sound beds. This assortment solely investigates granular and atomic, complex sound medicines. A large number of the surfaces can be utilized as full pieces in themselves. Some are 2-3 minutes in length with dynamic, moving transforming, profoundly layered granular timbres and surfaces. The manner in which I utilize these in my own work are : 1. As a motivation for another piece. Get a bunch of surfaces in state F#, maneuver them into your DAW, crossfade, layer, blur in and out, eq to taste (many are full range so if your utilizing mutiple, best to high pass channel everything except one), include reverbs and panning and you have the premise of a full sythesis. Snatch your instrumental libraries or piano for film piece or include a sidechain and kick drum for electronic music and you are making excellent progress so far. 2. As rich, lavish breakdowns and changes or in instrumental entries in a current sythesis. Let’s assume you’re doing a profound house track in Eb. You’ve worked up to the breakdown and made a post breakdown drop however need to make an epic breakdown. Flip through a portion of BT The Granular Collection In The Key Of A in Eb while your DAW is in circle. Locate a bunch of surfaces that work agreeably and from a phantom vantage point on your piece. Maneuver 4-5 surfaces into your breakdown zone. High Pass channel everything except one of them. Include eq, action word, crossfades and so on and spare one to do a slope that blurs from nothing to full volume (up to your drop). A touch of masterminding and in an hour you have an enormous sounding breakdown with exquisite, mind boggling and point by point sound structure.

Creator of Granular Collection In The Key Of A: BT

With a career spanning nearly 25 years – BT is a Grammy-Nominated film composer, technologist, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. He is credited as a pioneer of the Trance and IDM genres that paved the way for modern-day EDM. BT has written, produced, and remixed artists like Peter Gabriel, Depeche Mode, Armin Van Buuren, Sting, NSYNC, Blake Lewis, The Roots, Madonna, Britney Spears, Tiesto and more. His full-length records are essential buys for any electronic music fan’s record collection. He has created a slew of plugins that are heard on the radio and in films every day. Stutter Edit alone has been used on everything from Star Wars and Stranger Things to #1 Country records. His latest plugins Phobos and BreakTweaker can be heard in upcoming films and productions galore. BT is also a classically trained symphonic composer, arranger and orchestrator. He has composed full score for films such as the Oscar winning Monster starring Charlize Theron, The Fast and the Furious and recently Solace starring Anthony Hopkins and the Amazon television show Electric Dreams.

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