Chiometry Audio Orenji Soul The Everything Bundle [AD2]

Preset pack for Addictive Drums 2
  • Publisher: Chiometry Audio
  • Release: FANTASTiC
  • Format: XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 presets

Chiometry Audio’s Orenji Soul “The Everything Bundle” is a comprehensive collection of presets for XLN Audio’s “Addictive Drums 2,” designed to cater to a wide array of musical genres. This bundle is a culmination of all the custom AD2 kits ever released by Orenji Soul, offering over 200 custom drum kits that span styles from drum & bass and math rock to modern fusion and jazz.

The bundle’s strength lies in its versatility. With such a broad spectrum of drum kits, producers can find the perfect fit for any project. Whether it’s the tight grooves needed for modern fusion or the complex rhythms of math rock, “The Everything Bundle” provides an authentic acoustic drum sound that has been a go-to for thousands of producers.

This pack is not just a set of presets; it’s a library of carefully crafted drum sounds. It includes popular collections like The Astro Bundle, The Atlas Bundle, The Vintage Bundle, and The Chroma Bundle, among others. Each kit has been developed with attention to detail, ensuring that they blend seamlessly into a mix while maintaining their distinct character.

For users of “Addictive Drums 2,” this bundle simplifies the search for quality drum sounds. It’s a one-stop-shop for producers looking to expand their sound palette without the hassle of sifting through individual kits. The inclusion of all Orenji Soul’s single kits further adds to the value, making it a comprehensive package.

“The Everything Bundle” by Orenji Soul is an essential collection for any producer looking for diverse and high-quality drum sounds. Its extensive range of styles and easy integration with “Addictive Drums 2” makes it a valuable asset for music production. While the bundle does not contain new kits, its aggregation of Orenji Soul’s entire AD2 catalog offers unmatched convenience and variety for producers at all levels.

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