Choptones Hess 412 Demon Cabinet [IRs]

Hesu 4x12 cabinet impulse responses
  • Publisher: Choptones
  • Product: Hess 412 Demon Cabinet IR
  • Format: WAV Impulse Responses (IRs)

The Choptones Hess 412 Demon Cabinet IR pack is an extensive collection of Impulse Responses (IRs) that promises to deliver the authentic sound of a Hesu 4×12 cabinet loaded with Hesu Demon speakers.

The Hess 412 Demon Cabinet IR pack stands out for its sound quality and authenticity. Captured with a neutral power amp, the pack includes a vast array of microphone options, ranging from classic models like the Shure SM57 and Neumann U87 to more unique choices like the Sony C800 and the Coles 4038. This diversity allows users to find the perfect match for their desired tone, whether it’s for rock, metal, or blues.

With 5528 Cabinet IRs, the pack offers unparalleled versatility. The IRs are provided in WAV format at 48kHz-24bit, ensuring high fidelity and compatibility with a wide range of digital modelers and outboard IR loaders, including the Kemper KPA, Line 6 Helix, and Fractal Audio systems.

The inclusion of merged mics IR and mix-ready files makes this pack user-friendly. Musicians can simply plug in their guitar and enjoy high-quality tones without the need for extensive mixing or matching. The QUICK START folder is a thoughtful addition that allows users to dive right into the action with minimal setup.

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