Cymatics ORACLE Sample Pack

Cymatics ORACLE Sample Pack
  • Cymatics
    • ORACLE: Sample Pack
      • 103 .WAV
    • ORACLE: MIDI Collection
      • 100 .MID
    • ORACLE: 808 Collection
      • 34 .WAV

What exactly is ORACLE Sample Pack?

ORACLE: Sample Pack

Melodies are often the make or break for a producer’s success, especially when it involves a studio session. It doesn’t matter the genre you produce in, the melody will always be the foremost valuable aspect of a track because it’s what sets the vibe for the remainder of your sounds.

So in spirit of Producer Week, our production team decided to place together this premium melody collection of 100+ diversely crafted samples, to assist you step your melody game up!

So whether you produce hip-hop, trap, r&b, etc, these melodies will help make your studio workflow more efficient and leave you with endless possibilities for sound design!

ORACLE: MIDI Collection

MIDI presets are perfect to assist you out when it involves building your tracks more efficiently, learning composition, and overall just generating new song ideas you otherwise may never have thought of.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been producing for years, we’ve all been during a position where we will grind to a halt trying to create a melody from scratch…

That is why our production team spent overtime designing this collection of diverse MIDI compositions, so you never end up struggling to make new track ideas.

With 100+ uniquely crafted presets, the Oracle MIDI expansion will leave you with no shortage of options when it involves melody building.

ORACLE: 808 Collection

Finding quality 808’s are often a challenge sometimes, during a market filled with recycled and renamed samples, you’ll often end up struggling to seek out 808’s that basically make your tracks stand out.

I can’t even tell you ways many beats i’ve seen lose an artist’s interest, simply off of the 808 drop alone…

That is why our team carefully designed this premium expansion pack of 808’s to travel perfectly with the Oracle melody collection.

Each 808 sample was tweaked and polished to industry standard, given their own individual personality to assist your tracks completely stand out and hit way harder.

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