Cymatics Spectrum Live Instruments One Shots [WAV]

Spectrum presents an extensive selection of our top one-shot recordings, carefully curated from some of the most renowned instruments worldwide
  • Publisher: Cymatics
  • Product: Spectrum: Live Instruments One Shots
  • Release: FANTASTiC
  • Format: WAV

Spectrum offers a rich tapestry of one-shot recordings sourced from some of the most iconic instruments in the world. With this comprehensive collection, you can essentially bring these instruments directly into your DAW and play them with ease.

From the soulful tones of vintage keyboards to the resonant sounds of classic guitars, Spectrum provides a diverse array of one-shot samples that capture the essence of each instrument’s character and timbre.

Experience the versatility and convenience of playing these iconic instruments right inside your DAW, unlocking new creative possibilities and enhancing your music production workflow.

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  • Post last modified:February 15, 2024

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