Dark Force Audio Subversion [KONTAKT]

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  • Publisher: Dark Force Audio
  • Product: Subversion
  • Release: ViP Team
  • Requirements: Kontakt v6.7.1+

Dark Force Audio’s Subversion is a meticulously crafted Kontakt library designed to provide composers, sound designers, and producers with a vast array of atmospheric, textural, and dramatic sonic elements. This library excels in creating immersive soundscapes, tension-building textures, and impactful cinematic moments. Subversion combines organic and synthetic sound sources into multi-layered instruments, offering a rich palette of evolving sonic landscapes that can instantly establish mood and atmosphere in various audio production contexts.

Key Features

Diverse Sound Categories

Subversion offers a comprehensive selection of instrument categories, each tailored to specific sonic needs:

  • ATMOS: Non-tonal instruments featuring textures that float, haunt, growl, and sparkle.
  • PAD: Tonal textures combined with sound design elements, playable as musical instruments.
  • BRAAM: Mod wheel-controlled instruments that transition from mellow drones to intense, dramatic sounds.
  • CHOIR: Ambient large choir samples blended with sound design for sweeping, dramatic environments.
  • GUITAR: Mellow guitar pluck instruments with underlying drones and braams for added depth.
  • BELLS: Various bell recordings, including single hits and repeated ringing techniques.
  • CELLO: Non-traditional cello samples featuring multi-bowing techniques.
  • TOOLBOX: High-impact sound patches for quick access, including an FX Menu.
  • ELEMENTS: Solo musical instruments with non-traditional playing techniques.

Multi-Layer Instrument Design

  • Instruments 1-68 feature 2-8 sound layers for complex, rich timbres.
  • Individual volume control, solo, and mute buttons for each layer.
  • Enables fine-tuned mixing and sound isolation within each instrument.

Advanced Programming Features

  • BOOMS: Dedicated low “A” key on 88-key controllers for instant dramatic weight.
  • Modulation Wheel (CC1) Integration: Significant sound alteration capabilities, including volume control, filter cutoff adjustments, and introduction of hidden layers.
  • Saturation FX: One-click saturation effect for added crispiness and edge.
  • Extended Keyboard Range Utilization: Full 88-key range used for diverse sound variations across the keyboard.

NKS Compliance

  • Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) integration for seamless workflow with Native Instruments hardware and software.
  • Intuitive browsing, metadata tagging, and quick sound previews.
  • Pre-mapped parameters for Komplete Kontrol keyboards.

Technical Specifications

Sample Content:

  • Total Sample Count: Over 10,000 unique samples
  • Sample Format: 24-bit, 48 kHz WAV files
  • Library Size: Approximately 7 GB (compressed)

Instrument Structure:

  • 68 multi-layered instruments
  • Additional single-layer and specialized instruments
  • Total Instrument Count: Over 100

Modulation Options:

  • LFOs: 2 per instrument, with multiple waveforms and sync options
  • Envelopes: ADSR for amplitude and filter, plus additional modulation envelopes
  • Modulation Matrix: Allows for complex routing of modulation sources to various parameters

Effects Processing:

  • Convolution Reverb: With a selection of custom impulse responses
  • Delay: Tempo-synced with modulation options
  • EQ: 3-band parametric equalizer
  • Compression: Variable ratio and attack/release settings
  • Saturation: Analog-modeled distortion circuit
  • Filter: Multi-mode filter with resonance control

Performance Features:

  • Velocity Sensitivity: Mapped to volume and filter cutoff for expressive playing
  • Aftertouch: Assignable to various parameters for additional expressivity
  • Pitch Bend: Range adjustable per instrument
  • Mod Wheel (CC1): Extensively programmed for dramatic sound alterations

Script Features:

  • Custom Kontakt script for advanced parameter control and modulation
  • Randomization options for certain parameters to create variations

User Interface:

  • Custom-designed GUI with intuitive controls
  • Visual feedback for modulation and effects processing
  • Easy access to layer controls and global parameters

MIDI Implementation:

  • Extensive MIDI CC mapping for real-time control
  • Support for MIDI learn functionality

Subversion demonstrates exceptional sound quality and programming depth. The multi-layered approach to instrument design allows for complex, evolving textures that can significantly enhance productions across various genres, particularly in cinematic and electronic music contexts.

CPU performance is generally efficient, with most instruments utilizing between 1-5% CPU on a modern quad-core processor. However, more complex patches with multiple active layers and effects can increase CPU usage to 10-15%. It’s recommended to freeze tracks or bounce to audio when using multiple instances of the more demanding instruments in a single project.

The modulation wheel implementation is particularly noteworthy, offering dramatic sound transformations that can evolve over time. This feature, combined with the extensive layering options, provides a level of expressivity and sound design potential that goes beyond many comparable Kontakt libraries.

The inclusion of a dedicated “Boom” key across instruments is an innovative touch, allowing for quick addition of low-end impact without the need for separate percussion tracks. This feature can significantly streamline workflow in scoring and sound design contexts.

Dark Force Audio’s Subversion represents a significant achievement in sample library design for Kontakt. Its comprehensive range of atmospheric and textural sounds, combined with advanced programming features and an intuitive user interface, positions it as a valuable tool for composers, sound designers, and producers working in film, game audio, and electronic music production.

The library’s strength lies in its ability to quickly establish mood and atmosphere, with individual instruments capable of creating full, evolving soundscapes. The multi-layered approach and extensive modulation options provide ample room for customization and sound exploration, ensuring that Subversion can adapt to a wide range of creative needs.

While the library excels in creating dark, tense, and dramatic sounds, its versatility allows for the creation of more subtle and nuanced textures as well. The inclusion of NKS support further enhances its usability within the Native Instruments ecosystem, making it an attractive option for users of Komplete Kontrol hardware.

For professionals seeking to expand their sonic palette with high-quality atmospheric and textural elements, Subversion offers a comprehensive solution that balances ease of use with depth of sound design potential.

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