ELPHNT Console EQ is an 6-band analog eq
  • Publisher: ELPHNT
  • Product: Console EQ
  • Release: FANTASTiC
  • Format: .amxd
  • Requirements: Ableton Live 11+

The ELPHNT Console EQ is an innovative addition to the world of digital audio workstations, particularly for those using Ableton Live. Designed to bring the feel of classic analog hardware to your digital setup, this EQ plug-in is modeled on a traditional channel strip. It offers a streamlined, intuitive workflow that encourages deliberate decision-making in your mixes. Here’s an in-depth look at what the ELPHNT Console EQ has to offer.

ELPHNT’s Console EQ aims to replicate the experience of mixing on vintage analog hardware within the digital realm of Ableton Live. By intentionally limiting choices, it forces users to make more deliberate decisions, thus enhancing the overall mixing process. This approach contrasts with the often overwhelming array of options in many digital EQs, making it a refreshing tool for both seasoned producers and newcomers.

Console EQ Features

Analog-Modelled Design:

The Console EQ is modeled after a classic hardware channel strip, providing a familiar interface for those used to analog equipment.
It includes four bands of EQ and both highpass and lowpass filters, offering flexibility while maintaining simplicity.

Saturation Stage:

An analog-modeled saturation stage adds warmth and color to your tracks, mimicking the desirable imperfections of analog gear.
This feature enhances the character of your mixes, making them sound more vibrant and engaging.

Push Compatibility:

Console EQ is fully compatible with Ableton Push, including the standalone version. This integration allows for a hands-on, tactile mixing experience.
Push compatibility brings users closer to the feel of working on actual hardware, improving the workflow and making the mixing process more intuitive.

Streamlined Workflow:

The Console EQ is designed to reduce the overwhelming choices present in many digital EQs. By limiting options, it helps users focus on making more intentional and effective mixing decisions.
This design philosophy can lead to better, more cohesive mixes by encouraging a more disciplined approach.

To use the Console EQ, you’ll need:

  • Ableton Live 11+
  • Max For Live 8.5+ (included with Ableton Live Suite or available as an add-on for Live Standard)
  • Compatible hardware for Push Standalone

What’s Included

  • 1 Console EQ.amxd: The main EQ device.
  • 1 Console Mini.amxd: A streamlined version for simpler tasks.
  • 1 Getting Started Guide.pdf: A comprehensive guide to help you get the most out of Console EQ.

The ELPHNT Console EQ is a valuable tool for anyone looking to bring the warmth and workflow of analog hardware into their digital mixing setup. Its design philosophy of limiting choices to enhance decision-making, combined with features like the saturation stage and Push compatibility, make it a standout EQ plug-in for Ableton Live users. Whether you’re a seasoned producer seeking to streamline your process or a beginner aiming for a more intuitive mixing experience, Console EQ is a worthy addition to your toolkit.

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